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Water Ionizer vs. Bottled Water Cost Comparison Chart

Are you a slave to bottled water? Many people don’t realize just how high the cost of bottled water really is. In fact, in most cases bottled water is more expensive than gasoline! Although a water ionizer is a large upfront investment, the savings really can add up over time. The following chart details just how much your family could save with a Chanson water ionizer vs. several popular brands of bottled water:

Water Type Product Av. Size/ Retailed Price Price/ Gallon Annual cost 15 Year Total Cost
Fiji Fiji bottled water 6×16.9 fl oz/ $6.99 $8.82 $9,657.90 $144,868.50
Evian Evian bottled water 6×16.9 fl oz/ $5.99 $7.49 $8,201.55 $123,023.25
Dasani dasani bottled water 6×16.9 fl oz/ $5.99 $1.89 $2,069.55 $31,043.25
Aquafina aquafina bottled water 6×16.9 fl oz/ $4.99 $1.59 $1,741.05 $26,115.75
Arrowhead arrowhead bottled water 20 Gallons/ $29.96 $1.49 $1,631.55 $24,473.60
Chanson Miracle M.A.X chanson miracle max ionizer $2,195 $0.12 $133.47 (*) $4,229.16
Chanson Royale chanson royale $2,995 $0.12 $133.47 (*) $5,301.75
Chanson Miracle chanson miracle $1,850 $0.12 $133.47 (*) $3,651.93
Chanson Violet chanson violet $1,295 $0.12 $133.47(*) $3,269.41

NOTES: Annual cost figure includes Ionizer PJ-6000 Replacement Filter cost of $59.95 plus $14 tax and S&H twice annually. If you have an external prefilter, you will only need to purchase one Ionizer PJ-6000 replacement filter per year.(*) 15 year cost also includes ionizer and tax (shipping on ionizers is free within the US up to $100). Water consumption estimated at three gallons per day for the average household of four persons. Cost of tap water is based on $.005 for California, which is twice as high as that of the midwest and eastern America. These figures do not include the cost savings you are likely to experience on household cleaning supplies, detergents, body, hair and skin care products which we estimate to average about $400/year. Over a 15 year period that equals a $6,000 savings, thus covering the cost of your investment with a net savings of about $3,000!

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