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The Science of Live Water

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If you descended to Earth today as an alien, your natural conclusion would be that Earth is predominantly a water-based planet. Furthermore, unlike common perceptions, you would conclude that life on Earth is hydrogen-based, because 75% of our bodies are water and 2 of the 3 atoms of water are hydrogen.

According to Herman Aihara, the father of modern Macrobiotics, we still carry our own inner sea within each of us in the form of a saline interstitial fluid. This is the fluid that carries nutrient, messages, energy and even toxins to every part of our body, and that carries away the same toxic elements and more, as a result of daily metabolic process.

It is very different to the water we drink, yet without even that, grossly contaminated and deconstructed form of H2O that we call tap water, we soon lose life force. Four days without food is tolerable. Four days without water is fatal. Not only is our body 75% water, our brain is 80% water and our blood 90%. Water is more than a carrier of other materials. It is a solvent, an infiltrator of cells, a digestion aid, a dilutor, a dilator, a nutrient transport system, a waste disposal system, an electrical message system, a chemical conduit, an energy combustor, a lubricant, a coolant and a latent heat bank. Some people even believe that water is the repository of emotion. And we thought all it did was quench our thirst!

In his groundbreaking book Your Bodies Many Cries For Water, Dr F Batmanghelidj postulates that almost all diseases are caused by the simple fact that we don’t drink enough water. Dr Abrams, author of “Smart Nutrition” cites the case of a schizophrenic elderly patient who was so dehydrated that ECT (electric shock therapy) could not work because he was too dry to carry a current, and yet he still lived. Dr Theodore Baroody, author of “Alkalize or Die” takes the hydration argument a step further and says that we are dehydrated because we are acidic, and we are acidic because of the food we eat and the liquids we drink. He believes, like Dr Batmanghelidj, that we could protect ourselves from almost all major diseases by adequate intake or not just water but ionized alkaline water

natural water relating alkaline waterWe live in a world where it is easier to drink sugar loaded, caffeine based beverages than it is to get a good drink of pure water. We drink coffee and tea and mistake the adrenaline charge as relief from thirst. Our biggest selling and most consumed soft drink is 10,000 times more acid than our blood. Every time we take a gulp we have a petite mort, “a little death”, as our adrenals go berserk trying to cope. Even the water from our taps may be acidic and is most certainly positively charged and loaded up with energy that actually robs our bodies of electrons as it enters the body.

Yet there is an answer. It’s called Ionized water, Reduced water, Alkaline water, or Microclustered water. Whatever it is called, it is the water your body remembers.

Ionized water is far from new. In Grecian times water was stored in urns of copper and brass to cause ionization. Whether they knew how it occurred we cannot say, but the water became clear and sweet due to the electrolytic reaction that took place overnight. Today you have the choice; to continue to consume and to bathe in water that has been processed, chemically altered and deconstructed to a form that bears little resemblance to that which fell from the Heavens, or to turn the clock back using some very clever science and some basic computer technology.

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