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Are You Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster?

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy left 35 million people without power, water, and/or gas. The 1994 Northridge earthquake caused damages in an 85 mile radius, while the damages caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 totaled $81 billion. And these are just U.S. natural disaster statistics.
No one wants to think about it, but you never know when disaster will strike or how severe the devastation will be. No matter what part of the world you live in you could be subject to at least some of the following:
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Wildfires
  • Blackouts
  • Mudslides
  • Droughts
  • Windstorms

Emergency preparedness could be the difference between life and death. Humans can go over a month without food, but only three days without water. Are you prepared?

Emergency Water Guidelines

  • The Water Quality & Health Council recommends that you store at least one gallon of water per person, per day in a cool, dark place.
  • Half of your stored water should be reserved for personal hygiene and food preparation.
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security encourages individuals to store enough water to last a minimum of three days.
  • The Center for Disease Control recommends that you replace all non-commercially packaged stored water every six months.
  • Don’t forget to store additional water for all pets!

Emergency Water Filtration System

The Chanson Nano Filtration System is a revolutionary everyday water filter which is also perfect for emergencies. It filters out bacteria, VOC’s, SOC’s, viral contaminants and a host of other unwanted water pollutants, making ANY water safe to drink and saving you a ton of money on bottled water. In fact, the Nano Filtration System is so effective that if your city issues a boil safe warning, you won’t have to comply!

The Nano comes with one 3.2 gallon BPA-free metal-free Storage Tank. This tank has NSF approved components, is not susceptible to rust or corrosion, and does not contain harmful chemicals. It is also one of the only holding tanks on the market that is washable, making it more resistant to mold. Extra Storage Tanks can be purchased individually and will store enough water for one person for three days.

 Want to dramatically increase your emergency water stockpile cheaply and effectively? Our FloJet Pump allows you to pump non-drinkable water from various sources like pools, spas, lakes, and even toilets through the Nano and into the storage tank, transforming dirty, polluted water into clean, safe, refreshing drinking water.
Keep in mind that both the Nano and the FloJet do require electricity, so a backup generator may be needed depending on the circumstances.
Don’t leave you and your family susceptible to natural disasters. Order your water firewall system today!


Dangers of Nitrates in Tap Water

There are many potential contaminants in our drinking water today. One you may not have heard much about are nitrates or nitrites, which are nitrogen-oxygen chemical units that combine with various organic and inorganic compounds and may be carcinogenic.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “The major sources of nitrates in drinking water are runoff from fertilizer use; leaking from septic tanks, sewage; and erosion of natural deposits.” They allow up to 10 mg/L or 10 ppm of nitrates in our drinking water.

The Problem With High Nitrate Levels

High nitrate levels pose the most risk to pregnant women, infants under six months, and adults with reduced stomach acidity.

Nitrate levels have been rising since the 1950s, leveled off in the 80s, and began rising again five years ago. The problem intensified when farmers were forced to plant record-levels of corn, drought-withered corn plants didn’t suck up all the nitrogen from the fertilizer, and then when heavy rains came they washed the fertilizer into rivers with the help of the drainage tiles that have been installed beneath many farms.

Mid-western U.S. states are most at risk for high nitrate levels in their drinking water due to corn farming. These states include Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin and the eastern portions of Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

To keep the nitrate levels within the legal limit, parts of Iowa and Minnesota have been forced to use expensive nitrate-removal systems, and the cost is passed on to their residents.

How to Reduce Nitrates in Your Drinking Water

Unfortunately, boiling water does not remove nitrates, and nitrate levels could potentially spike before you receive word of it from your state.

The best way to protect you and your family from nitrates is with a quality drinking water filtration system.

Chanson offers the Nano Filtration System and the new non-electric Nano2, both of which are high quality modified reverse osmosis systems that reduce nitrates in drinking water by more than 85%. Unlike traditional reverse osmosis systems, both Nano filters leave beneficial alkaline minerals in your water, making it even healthier. Click here for more information or to order.

What Chanson Water USA Brought to Market in 2012

Last year we added several new and exciting products to our already outstanding line.

In case you missed them, here’s a roundup:

Chanson White Patterned Miracle M.A.X. Water Ionizer

Offering all of the same great features and benefits as our original sleek black Miracle M.A.X., this new model showcases a beautiful patterned white design so that you can choose the design which best suits your kitchen. M.A.X. was the first ionizer to use nutritious Himalayan salt to create strong acid water rather than chemical injections and can produce antibacterial acid water in ANY water source.

Click for more information or to order

Chanson Revolution Commercial-Grade Water Ionizer

The Revolution is a 9-plate commercial-grade ionizer which can outperform even an 11-plate ionizer. It is designed for restaurants and other businesses which require frequent usage. Like the 7-plate Miracle M.A.X., it features a Himalayan salt port and can produce strong acid water in ANY water source.

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Encol by Chanson Bottleless Water Dispenser – Free Standing & Countertop Units

The Encol by Chanson Bottleless Water Dispenser is lightweight and is available in both countertop and free standing models. Imagine no longer having to wait or pay for bottle delivery, and no longer having to lug or store heavy water bottles. Instead you can transform your ordinary tap water into a fresh, filtered, on demand, eco-friendly water supply. You’ll save time, money and energy while helping the environment by investing in an Encol by Chanson Bottleless Water Dispenser over bottle delivery.

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Chanson Miracle Sanitizer

The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer reduces and eliminates odors and bacteria from your home by dispensing activated oxygen into air or liquids. It has hundreds of of uses and good for your health, your wallet, and the environment because it can replace dozens of chemical toxic cleaners and air fresheners.

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Chanson NANO2 Filtration System

The Chanson NANO2 Filtration System is an improvement over the original Nano due to requiring no electricity, a 40% weight reduction, and a lower end user price. Just as with the original Nano, the NANO2 uses high pressure created by a pump to separate contaminants from the water supply. Water is forced through a membrane that has tiny holes which are no larger than .0001 micron. This causes VOC’s, SOC’s, bacteria, viral contaminants and a host of other unwanted water pollutants to be removed. It comes with a durable 3.2 gallon holding tank so that you have an on-demand water supply.

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What to Expect From Chanson in 2013

You can expect to see new and exciting innovations from Chanson in 2013, with a focus on continually improving filtration and users results on our products!

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