Chanson Miracle Sanitizer Featured in New Years Gift Guide

The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer uses safe levels of activated oxygen (O3) to dispel unwanted odors from air and liquids. Simply plug it in and turn it on and let it work its magic. The possibilities with the Miracle Sanitizer are endless. 
We’ve used it to eliminate bad kitchen and diaper pail odors, a strong plastic smell from an inflatable pool, stinky shoes, and even the thick smoky air from a wildfire next to our neighborhood.
The Miracle Sanitizer can also be used to create an environmentally friendly cleaning solution! Just add the bubble stone to water and run the machine for 10 minutes to transform it from ordinary water to disinfecting water. Then spray and clean your countertops, floors, toilets, etc. as you would with an all-purpose cleaner.
O3 is that fresh smell in the air after a lightning storm. It’s nature’s way of cleansing and purifying the air, and now you can experience the power of nature in a box. O3 is so powerful that it can permeate every crack and crevice, but our device will never dispense unsafe levels.  It organically binds with the offensive odors rather than just “covering them up” like a traditional air freshener.
Because the Miracle Sanitizer can replace dozens of chemical toxic cleaners and air fresheners, it’s good for your health, your wallet, and the environment!
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Fatal brain-eating amoeba found in Southern water supply

Earlier this week authorities announced that the deadly brain-eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri was found in the water supply of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, a water system that serves 97,000 residents. This is the second time in two years that amoeba has been found in an American water supply.
Authorities insist that the water is still drinkable, but caution that it can be deadly to inhale/get up ones nose. Therefore they are cautioning against submerging oneself in the water, using the water in a neti-pot, letting children play with a hose, or anything that could lead to water going up the nostrils. They have begun a 60-day chlorine burn to kill the amoeba.
While our water filtration systems don’t specifically address amoeba, having a Chanson pre-filtration system and/or Whole House Filtration system installed can provide added peace of mind when situations like this occur. They will address the added chlorine being used for the chlorine burn, which will have done it’s job by the time it reaches your faucet and is not healthy to ingest or bathe in. Chlorine has been linked to respiratory issues, cancer and skin irritations among other things.
As much as our government may try to protect us, ultimately your health is in your hands and no water supply is immune to traces of dangerous bacteria and other contaminants. Protect yourself and your family with a proper filtration system today!