How to Save Time and Money on Your Juicing & Smoothie-Making

Juicing and homemade green smoothies have become a global phenomenon, and a healthy daily routine in many households. And for good reason: they pack an abundance of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients in each glass, and are a great way to start the day.

But as Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy says in the film Cancer is Curable NOW, “Juicing isn’t easy.” Unfortunately, daily juicing and cleanup can be quite messy and time consuming, and it’s not always easy to keep a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, or to consume all produce you do have before it goes bad or you get tired of it.

Green smoothies are slightly more forgiving since most blenders are quicker to clean than juicers, and smoothies can usually be poured in a glass instead of having to be shaken up in a container with a lid.

But while some people revert to quadrupling juicing and smoothie recipes and storing the leftovers in the fridge for a few days to save time, the truth is that fresh juice and smoothies need to be consumed within 8-12 hours for best results.

Our solution?

Freeze it.

The next time you juice or make a smoothie, try doubling the recipe and pouring the excess in ice cube trays (before adding Chanson water or non-dairy milk to dilute it). When frozen, transfer the cubes to a freezer-safe bag and label.

They’ll be ready for you the next time you are short on time and/or ingredients. Just pop 6-8 cubes in the blender along with some 9.5 Chanson alkaline ionized water for juices or unsweetened non-dairy milk for smoothies, blend, and you’re good to go!

This method works great for using produce that would otherwise go bad in the pantry, and being able to add seasonal ingredients to your juices and smoothies year-round.

The result will be rather slushy, and separation may occur which is why we recommend using a glass with straw or a container with a lid in order to stir or shake. If you’re really short on time you can just add the cubes as you would ice to flavor your Chanson water.

We recommend that you drink at least one juice or green smoothie a day, and enjoy them fresh whenever possible. And keep in mind that you can always add a combination of fresh juice or produce to your frozen cubes for variety.

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4 Tips to Shift Your Eating Habits

Remember the Lay’s potato chip slogan “Betcha can’t eat just one?”

Well, it’s more than just a slogan, it’s a scientific fact that processed foods are designed to make you crave more of them by depriving you of the nutrition your body needs. Scientists in labs literally work to design foods which leave you feeling unsatisfied, so that you’ll consume more of the products the major brands they represent produce.

You Are What You Eat

It’s no wonder that our country is now facing an epidemic of lifestyle-related diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer. Americans are bombarded with more processed food choices than ever, and the lure of the convienent fast food drive thru and dollar menu is on almost every street corner. Food can be a drug and it’s time that we start recognizing unhealthy foods as such.

Even animals are not immune to the addiction of processed foods, as evidenced in this funny video: Sam the Shoplifting Seagull Is Addicted to Doritos.

Taste is a Learned Response; Not a Fixed Response

Fortunately, taste is not a fixed sense and can be reprogrammed to get you craving the right type of foods that your body will thrive on instead of the foods that may ultimately destroy it.

According to Anna Coutler of Better World Cuisine, “Taste preferences will change with time and support your new way of eating. The understanding that enjoying a food can grow on us is absolutely true. After we have eaten a new food about a dozen times, the body will call for it again and it will become one of the preferred foods. By habitually stretching your palate, the tolerance and enjoyment of healthy foods will increase. The more one eats high-nutrient foods, the less one craves low-nutrient foods. Over time, wanting less fat, protein and carbohydrates happens naturally, and the fabulously healthy foods become our favorites.”

4 Tips to Shift Your Eating Habits

1. Introduce New Alkaline Foods Into Your Diet – It’s easier to add foods to your diet than to subtract them, so an easy tip is to try adding one new alkaline fruit or vegetable to your shopping cart each week. Examples include avocados, kale, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, asparagus, coconut, grapefruit and lemons.

2. Start Your Day With a Green Juice or Smoothie – According to raw food expert Karen Knowler, whatever type of food you eat upon rising (sugary, starchy, healthy, etc.) is what you are likely to crave for the remainder of the day. So by starting each day with a nutritious green juice or smoothie, you are setting yourself up for success.

3. Drink More Water – Oftentimes when we feel hungry, we are actually dehydrated. Try drinking a minimum of half your body weight in ounces daily in order to stay properly hydrated and to ward off food cravings. Chanson alkaline ionized water is able to hydrate and detoxify without leaving a bloated or waterlogged feeling. Visit us at for more information.

4. Switch Your Sweetener – Sugar is highly addicting and has been linked to cancer, and artificial sweeteners are loaded with toxins that make them even more damaging to health. Instead, try stevia or xylitol. Both are natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

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