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Resources: Infographics & Charts

Resources: Infographics & Charts

Interested to learn more about bottled water, ionized alkaline and acidic waters, water filters, alkaline foods and more? Our handy Chanson Water infographics and charts are great summaries for visual learners and easy to share!

Diseases & Conditions Helped by Ionized Alkaline Water

Cancer & Ionized Alkaline Water

Is Your Exercise Routine Doing More Harm Than Good?

How to Alkalize Your Beauty Routine

8 Easy Alkaline Substitutions Anyone Can Make

Bottled Water vs. Water Ionizer Cost Comparison Chart

Is Bottled Water Really Worth It?

Water Filter Comparison Chart

Ways to Make Alkaline Water

The Truth Behind Common Food Cravings & Disorders

Eat This, Not That

pH Chart of Popular Beverages

Acid Water Uses for Body, Skin & Hair

Acid Water Household Uses

The Evolution of Man’s Diet & Lifestyle Infographic

Garden pH Chart

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