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Ionized Alkaline Water Super Hydrates & Detoxifies

With chronic dehydration affecting a whopping 75% of Americans today, water playing such a crucial role in the body, and many ailments stemming from lack of hydration, getting the right kind and right amount of water daily is essential to health.

There are many benefits to drinking ionized alkaline water over standard tap or bottled water including:

  • An alkaline pH, which helps offset the acidity in our everyday diet and lifestyle – keeping you pH balanced
  • An abundance of antioxidants which seek and destroy harmful free radicals – keeping you looking younger longer
  • Ability to super hydrate and detox your cells due to smaller water molecule size – keeping you hydrated
  • Minerals which are made bio-available through the ionization process – nourishing your body from the inside out
  • Ability to safely deliver extra oxygen to your cells – creating an internal environment that disease does not thrive in*

Users Report:

Better overall health and hydration

  • Preferring its smoother, softer, silkier, sweeter taste over standard tap or bottled water
  • Ability to drink more water without feeling bloated or waterlogged
  • Increased cravings for healthy foods and water

Mental and internal health benefits

  • More energy and more stamina – no more afternoon slump
  • Increased memory and brain function – better productivity at work and around the house
  • Better sleep
  • Being able to reduce medications in some instances*

Physical improvements

“(Ionized alkaline water) is the healthiest substance we can possibly put into our bodies…Hydrated people are always healthier, less toxic, more energetic, function more efficiently, retain less water in their extremities, (are) more mentally alert, less prone to disease and better able to fight disease of any kind.”

–Author Bob McCauley, author of The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water

Ionized alkaline water is only half of the benefit of owning a Chanson water ionizer. The machines also produce a low pH ionized acidic water that is great for the body, skin and hair as well as for all natural green cleaning.

A Chanson water ionizer is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family. Choose yours today, and join the thousands around the globe who are drinking their way to better health!

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