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Ionized Alkaline Water Aids in Natural Weight Loss

Water is an important part of any weight loss plan, as it has detoxifying properties, naturally suppresses appetite, and helps metabolize fat. Studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits.

Diet: Acid vs. Alkaline

Tests on fat which was liposuctioned by plastic surgeons confirms that fat is full of acid, which could be why most weight loss diets involve reducing your consumption of acid-forming foods like meat, processed foods, soda and sweets. For extreme weight loss, we also recommend consuming a plant-based diet since most non-sweet fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming instead of acidic. Researchers have found that, on average, vegans and vegetarians weigh less than those who follow the standard American diet.

Ionized Alkaline Water

Japanese scientists believe that ionized alkaline water is microclustered, it is thus able to penetrate cells deeper and detoxify even better. It is also able to fill you up without making you feel bloated, so you can drink more and be filled with more energy. Alkaline ionized water acts as a natural solvent, dissolving fatty substances and acidic waste. And it has an abundant supply of alkaline minerals and antioxidants which can help prevent the saggy skin that often follows extreme weight loss.

Water Weight

You’ve probably heard that you can’t fight fire with fire, but did you know that you can (and should) fight fluid retention with water? When the body receives less water it perceives it as a threat to survival and begins to hold onto every drop, resulting in swollen feet, legs and hands.

Diuretics force out stored water along with essential nutrients. Again, the body perceives the water shortage as a threat and will replace the lost water at its first opportunity. The best way to overcome the problem of water retention is provide the body with an adequate supply of water so that the body will naturally release the stored water (and help you lose water weight). We recommend that one consume a minimum of half of their body weight in ounces of Chanson ionized alkaline water each day for optimal health and to support natural weight loss.


Of course no weight loss plan is complete without exercise. Many athletes choose Chanson alkaline ionized water over bottled water or sports drinks because they have found that they have a faster recovery time after workouts or injuries.

Acid-Forming Substances

Because acids can also be created by exposure to everyday chemicals and pollutants and even stress, a green lifestyle can also have an impact on lowering one’s acidity levels. Many household cleaners as well as skin, body and hair care products contain acid-forming toxins, but can be replaced with Chanson acidic ionized water which is not harmful to the body unless ingested.

Chanson ionized alkaline water helps support weight loss in many ways–by allowing you to detoxify more effectively, filling you up with alkaline reserves which produce more energy and combat acidity, providing you with an abundance of skin-strengthening antioxidants, and aiding you in easier and less painful exercise. And Chanson ionized acidic water can help reduce your exposure to acid-forming toxins and chemicals which could otherwise contribute to weight gain. Both waters are produced by hooking a Chanson water ionizer up to your own tap for pennies on the gallon. We invite you to learn more about Chanson Water ionizers and the various health benefits of alkaline and acidic ionized water.

Chanson Ionized Alkaline Water Changes Lives

Ron R. – Lost 45 pounds in 75 days and was never hungry by alkalizing his body with Chanson Ionized Alkaline Water and eating alkaline foods.
Genesis V. – Lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks with the help of Chanson Ionized Alkaline Water.
Yovonda M. – Lost 60 pounds by simply reducing the acidity in her body with Chanson Ionized Alkaline Water and walking in the evenings.
Jill P. – Lost 100 pounds by alkalizing her body through natural foods.


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Please note that the following names are all interchangable with “ionized alkaline water” from a Chanson water ionizer: reduced water, hydrogen-rich water, alkali water, antioxidant water, electrolyzed reduced water (ERW), electroreduced water, mineral-induced alkaline reduced water (MRW), live water, living water, energized water, structured water, microwater, and microclustered water.

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