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Dealer & Distributor Inquiries

Interested in becoming a Chanson Water ionizer dealer or distributor?

We offer outstanding products, outstanding profit, outstanding customer service and outstanding marketing materials.

We believe the only way for US to succeed is by helping YOU succeed. Therefore, we offer the most comprehensive marketing, sales, customer service and dealer support tools in this industry. We invite you to discover how integrity, dedication, and quality can assist you in building a thriving business.

If you are not currently a business owner, many tax deductions become available to you as a Chanson Dealer. Consult your tax professional for details, as your ionizer purchases and many business related expenses may be tax deductible.

Why Join Chanson Water

  • The most complete range of products representing the best profit potential.
  • Cutting edge design, features and technology, including the most advanced under sink model water ionizer.

Comprehensive sales and marketing tools:

  • Free leads for qualifying dealers.
  • A robust package of online web tools including web sites, dealer training, over 32 marketing tools, brochures, flyers, e.t.c
  • Live dealer support.

Best customer support tools:

  • Automated ordering system, with full online package tracking.
  • Each Chanson ionizer comes with an excellent installation, use, and maintenance DVD.
  • Live customer support and automatic UPS tracking.

Become a Chanson Dealer

Dealer: Individual interested in selling Chanson Water ionizers on a one order/ one piece basis

The process of starting and running your Chanson dealership is easy, efficient and cost effective. Simply follow these easy steps:

Standard Chanson Dealer

Dealers must fax either a copy of:
  • Seller’s Permit (This link is only for California. If you are in a different state you should search for (Google) the one corresponding to your state)
  • OR Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate (Dealers should ensure they understand their state’s current rules regarding this certificate. Refer to the Multistate Tax Commission website for additional info. This does not apply if you are outside the USA)

Purchase any two 7 or 9 plate ionizers at a modified dealer price. First two machines are discounted, please call for current discount pricing.

All dealers are required to subscribe to the Chanson Newsletter. It is your lifeline to us, because we are constantly improving our company and adding new products it is required as a dealer that you stay connected to our network, unsubscribing may forfeit your Chanson dealership.

Dealers are required to purchase 2 ionizers per year in order to maintain active status and dealer pricing.

Standard Dealers will have:

  • Access to dealer manual
  • Access to dealer training tips, tools, tapes in the back office.
  • Access to over 32 marketing pieces.

NOTE: If you don’t want to pay the $99.00 dealer buy-in fee up front, you are welcome to purchase the Chanson DVD for $10, use it to learn about and teach others about our product, and then you can become a dealer and get access to all of our additional training tools and marketing pieces after you have already made your first ionizer sale.

Become a Chanson Water Ionizer Distributor

Distributor: Individual interested in placing large orders and carrying ionizer stock – those desiring exclusive territories both international and domestic. Minimum order size is 100 pc. and may be higher depending on the population of the country you are asking for an exclusive in.
  • Complete our online distributor/importer application here.
  • Register as a Distributor here 
  • Sign and return the W-9 Form (this does not apply if you are outside the USA)
  • Distibutors within the USA must FAX either a copy of:
    • Seller’s Permit (This link is only for California. If you are in a different state you should search for (Google) the one corresponding to your state)
    • OR
    • Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate (Distributors should ensure they understand their state’s current rules regarding this certificate. Refer to the Multistate Tax Commission website for additional info. This does not apply if you are outside the USA)

    Sign and return the Chanson Water Ionizer Distributor Contract

    Purchase 100 ionizers of 7 plates or more at distributor price. Please call 888-624-2169 for current pricing.

FAQs from Potential Chanson Water Ionizer Dealers

No, we are happy to drop ship the products for you.

Take the payment from your customer.  Log onto the dealer page from the Chanson Water home page.  Then, purchase the order with your credit card.  Enter your information in the billing section and enter your customer’s name and address in the “ship to” section.

Chanson ionizers are shipped from Laguna Hills, California by UPS or USPS. Orders placed on Friday after shipping time, will not be sent out until Monday.

Expected shipping times:
US Domestic Shipping 7-14 Days
Canada Shipping 9-16 Days
International 12-21 Days

All Dealers must have a Seller’s Permit on file with us before your purchase is placed.  Otherwise, you will be charged tax if your item is shipped to California.

You call the franchise tax board for your state. In California you can apply over the phone and there is no fee. Visit for more information (California Only).

Yes, you will be able to buy it once you register as a dealer on the Dealer FAQ page. Your site name will have your dealer username, and it is case sensitive.

No, it will be set up for customers to call you and arrange payment. However, if you set up your own merchant account we will put in 3 purchase buttons for you.  There are additional fees for extra buttons and logo. You will be able to purchase them once you become a dealer on the Dealer FAQ page.

You do. Our recommended provider has wonderful tech departments to walk you through the process. The actual set up of the cart is quite time consuming as it requires setting up the shipping, products, and appearance of the cart.
Martha can sometimes help after work hours. If you want to contract with her to do that, she may be willing to assist you for $20 an hour.  However, that is entirely her decision.
Our recommended provider. You can purchase a domain name and have it forwarded to your site.
Godaddy has a very helpful support staff that will walk you through it for free. Make sure that you ask them to “mask” it.

No. The Chanson name can not be used in a domain name or business name.

Click to see our recommended provider, we have been extremely happy with them.
Click to see our recommended provider. They are wonderful and have great support.
You can if you want to, but we do not recommend them.  The value of our ionizers is very high and some of our orders were rejected for “security purposes” due to the price.  We lost good sales from honest customers for this reason.
Yes. Please make sure that you use your “Authorized Chanson Dealer” seal on the site. The code is available on your dealer log in page after you register.
Yes, you may sell the products for any price.  However, you may not advertise or promote in writing or on your website any price other than the manufacturer’s price.
Yes, become an affiliate at: and make up to $200 on each referred sale you send to us.
You decide that for yourself.  Ours is 60 days. You may choose 14, 30, 60 or 90 days on your dealer web site. As a dealer, if your customer requests a refund, they need to ship the machine to you.  It is your responsibility to refund their money.  Failure to do so in a timely manner will cause a dealership to be revoked.
Your customer should contact you. You can then reach us by phone or email concerning the issue. We will walk you through a resolution, which you can then communicate to your customer. If the machine requires repair or replacement, we will give you a Return Authorization Number (RAN) so that your customer can ship the machine back to us.
You will need to honor all of your customer returns yourself. Your customer returns the machine to you (within the allotted return policy time) and you refund their money. (See #22 for more detail)
As an incentive, we do not charge our retail customers shipping. We do however, charge our dealers shipping and it is your choice to pass the cost along to your customer or not.
Dealers can refer dealers. Call us for current amount of the commission when you refer a dealer who buys in. You will also receive a special gift (please call for details)
You can also have “sub dealers.” A sub dealer is an individual who does not buy in (Pay the $99.00 dealer fee and purchase two (2) machines). Sub dealers will purchase only through you and will not contact us for any reason they are your sub dealer. You decide what commission your sub dealer will receive per sale; some of our dealers do a 50/50 split some do a 70/30 split etc. YOU MUST have your sub dealers sign our dealer terms and agreement. They must also be informed that no one can advertise the machines below the manufactures suggested price.
If you have sub dealers, you must: train them, process any returns for them, and provide them with marketing materials at your expense.
When your sub dealer can afford the dealer buy in, they are eligible to become full dealers.  Then, you will get the benefit of their buy in commission as well as a special gift (see #26).
We do not take returns on the “dealer buy in” machines. If there is a problem with the machines, we repair or replace them but, we do not take returns on dealer machines.
No. In life there may be a McDonald’s on every 4th corner and a Burger King and Wendy’s on the others but there is enough business for everyone. We expect the market to expand for you. You don’t need to view other dealers as competitors; the market is currently expanding 600% per year.
Dealers are required to purchase 2 ionizers per year in order to maintain active status and dealer pricing.
As of October 2011, Chanson Water USA no longer accepts calls from dealer customers. We now require dealers to handle 100% of their own customers technical and user support. If you as the dealer can’t answer your customers questions, then you must contact Chanson Water USA directly to get the answer to the question(s), and then get back to your customer with the answer. We recommend that you continue your education by visiting the dealer back-office to listen to previously recorded training calls. Our goal is to make you all water experts, which will help grow your business. We want you to be your customers contact for anything ionizer and filtration related, as this will ensure repeat business, referrals, and higher sales rates for you.

Any questions? e-mail:

Dealer Testimonials

I have been working with water ionizer now for several years and the Chanson Company has been one of the best suppliers I have found. They are easy to reach for advise and products. They have a good support team that response quickly and is east to understand. I have been very impressed with there product training as well. There seems to be real integrity in what they have on the market, and they achieve that without out putting there competition down. There honesty of how things work and the science behind it is invaluable.
– A Happy Dealer –
Hi Nedalee, Thank you for returning my call last night, and answering my question. I actually spoke with Ronnie yesterday, he called me back and we spoke extensively. I just want to say, and these words don’t express the depth I feel for you and Ronnie: But, in this industry, You both are a breath of fresh air, and so looking forward to working with you and Chanson, Your honesty and Integrity is something I haven’t seen in quite some time, or ever. Thank you so much, it is so nice to speak to someone and be able to trust them. WOW…Love you guys!!!!
– Rob K –

Thank you Nedalee! I appreciate your help. I never worked with a company before that is so amazing in service.  Blessings,

– Andrea Hale –


I have represented this company inside and outside of the USA and felt they did everything possible to support sales anywhere around the world. I am proud to represent there products.  Sincerely,
– Melissa Stewart –
It was only after much research that we chose to become dealers with Chanson. We were very impressed with their knowledge in the market, and not only their willingness to answer our questions, but also that our questions were answered without flash, without slamming the competition and without exaggeration. It put us at ease that they were so confident with their products that they felt no need to use tactics to impress us.

After becoming dealers It became very clear how much Chanson values their dealers. They offer very reasonable commissions, provide exceptional support and listen to their dealers input and concerns.

Chanson strives so diligently to train their dealers to be some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. The last dealer training seminar we attended went nearly 4 hours over time as they wanted to answer everyone’s questions. We didn’t finish until people finally ran out of questions. They are extremely thorough and informative.

We haven’t looked back since joining the Chanson team as they are just that, an incredible team, with some of the greatest values, morals and ethics you could find in any business.


– Jeremy & Myrna Smith –

I have found working with Chanson Water® USA has been an enjoyable experience. Chanson offers a quality product backed with an outstanding warranty at a very reasonable retail price point while offering their authorized dealers a very comfortable profit margin.

Whenever I have needed an answer to a question about either the uses of ionized water or one of the Chanson products the answer has been just a phone call away and answered very quickly and politely. This was not my experience when dealing with a multi-level ionizer company.

The Chanson Water® USA website and dealer website has articles, instructional and educational videos, images for downloading, brochures, business cards, phone scripts and flyers that are professional in quality and nearly all are free for dealers to use. The dealer website also has recorded dealer training calls that we can review at our leisure covering topics about how to find leads, close sales, uses of the different types of water and other topics of interest if you are marketing ionized water. In addition there are periodic training calls to keep us informed of new information and the changes taking place at Chanson USA as they grow and expand their product line.

Chanson also offers other water-related products that offer additional earning opportunities. Their shower filter and 3 stage water filter are great products at very reasonable prices. I have found that if introduced properly many people that purchase an ionizer will also purchase the H3 water filter to enhance their ionizers performance.

All in all I have been very satisfied with my experience with Chanson Water®.


– Rick Konopasek –

If you are reading this, then chances are you are looking to become a Dealer for water ionizers. Well look no more!

Chanson just happens to be the most professional, welcoming, supportive, helpful water ionizer distribution company around today. Ronnie and Nedalee Ruiz are of the highest integrity and it shows in all they do.

I have delt with several organizations and none have ever spent the time to ensure I really understand not only the product I wanted to use and sell, but why I would want to use and sell it.

Even before I was interested in becoming a dealer, I was introduced to Ronnie Ruiz, the CEO of Chanson Water® USA, regarding a water challenge I was experiencing. He spent hours on the phone explaining, in simple terms, what I had spent years trying to understand.

From a business standpoint, everyone in the office has always been exceptionally helpful, friendly and have always made themselves available to me. It would appear that nothing is too much trouble.

I LOVE the fact that this business is not an MLM business, which means I can offer my clients true value for money.

I love the Back office which offers a host of really helpful support items like printable brochures, incredible videos, special offers and much more. Navigating the website is not only easy, but very well worth it. It will improve your knowledge and sales. – Isn’t that what we all want?

Chanson products are of the highest quality, and when there is a challenge with a product, as happens with any company from time to time, they deal with it in an instant and with complete efficiency. It appears that their number one goal is not only to ensure customers are happy, but that we as dealers are happy too.

Oh, lastly I wanted to let you know that they have the most helpful dealer training conference calls bringing you cutting edge info, as it happens and enabling other dealers to share their business skills so everyone else can grow. – True team spirit.

I wish there was an easier way to say it but…Chanson Water® USA are the only water ionizer distributors you will ever want to work with. In a nutshell – I LOVE CHANSON!

If you want to speak to me personally to ask more questions, then please do so. It would be my pleasure to help.

– Fiona Johnston, The Cleansing Diva –

Dear Ronnie and Nedalee,
I just want to let you know that I’ve been so pleased with the phenomenal support I’ve had from the both of you and also from Richard. What a pleasure to actually have the opportunity to work with people that really know how and why these products work. From spending time with me as I was researching what company I chose to associate with to helping with any question that seems to arise, you seem to rise above the competition.

What I have found to be invaluable are the tools available for me online. I’ve spent numerous hours listening to the conference calls and going through the marketing materials. If I have a question a quick phone call or email is all it takes for it to be answered.

As an herbalist, I thought that adding the Chanson water® machines to my business would be great for my clients. As I am basically healthy, when I got my machine I believed that it would just give me some extra energy and I would be drinking the best water possible. What I discovered has amazed me. I’m going through the peri-menopausal time where my temperature has been much warmer than it should be and the hot flashes were getting more intense. I wasn’t paying attention to it, but when about a week ago my husband wanted to know why I needed extra blankets in bed it came to me, since the day that I started drinking this water I haven’t been hot and I haven’t flashed at all. This makes it all worth it J

I look forward to meeting Ronnie at the Navel Expo this weekend.

– Bonnie Rogers –

Electro Water San Francisco, California, Chanson Water® USA

As a relatively new Dealer, but having been in this business for many years, I’m very impressed with Chanson Water® USA.

The units are well manufactured, installation is very simple, and operation is straight forward.

So far, in dealing either with customer service, or having difficult technical questions answered, I find that they are responsive, extremely helpful, and highly knowledgeable about a very complex subject.

Their dealer training is well thought out and simple to follow, even for a comparative newcomer to this industry.

I’m very excited about the recent testing conducted on the low acidic water, and it’s antimicrobial properties. This is an extremely important development in Ionized water technology, and the need for this is greater than ever.

I would highly recommend Chanson as a professionally operated organizaion, and I will do my best to support them in the future


– Alan Ogilvie –


Working with Chanson has been GREAT! They are wonderful people and very professional as well. They have given me a opportunity to feel confident enough to start my own business selling a product I truly believe in. Their help and support and training has been priceless. We are on the start of something truly big that is about to really take off – and Chanson is enabling others like myself be a part of it.
– Jason Gorski, Water Effex –
I am a Chanson dealer. I have been working with Ronnie and Nedalee Ruiz for two years now. They have both been more than accommodating with me. They have provided brochures, flyers, and unlimited phone and in-person support in more ways than I can fully recall. They have gone way, way beyond the call of duty in business, as well as, personally. I would highly recommend them to anyone who would consider doing business or anything else with them.
– Chris McIntosh –

Hi Nedalee

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and Ronnie for being so wonderful to work with. Customers really love the Chanson products. You get the orders out quickly, you have one of the best installation videos I’ve seen, which has been helpful to both me and my customers, and I have yet to have a return on a Chanson unit. All important considerations for a dealer in this industry today.

One of my biggest concerns as a dealer is how easily customers will be able to get support should they need it after the sale. Not only have you and Ronnie both been quick to reply to my customer inquiries during the sales process but you’ve also been there for me to answer any questions my customers have had about installation or operation.

I feel confident selling Chanson products – that my customers will receive their products quickly, that support will be available should they need it after the sale and that you take so much pride in offering quality products that will be low-maintenance and worry free for years to come. Should you ever someone interested in what to expect as a Chanson dealer, please feel free to refer them to me. I have only good things to say about you, Ronnie, your company and your products.

– Kind Regards, Romi Sink Water Ionizer Authority –