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Chanson Water USA Media Kit – Benefits of Ionized Water

Co-founder of Chanson Water® USA
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Chanson Water® is a pioneer in technology and wellness

Water is the foundation of life, the source of our longevity and energy. For Chanson Water® USA, this recognition – a belief centered around giving people the means to achieve personal wellness – is a moral principle: we deserve the very best ionized water, rich in the properties that have a strong basis in fact and individual testimony, not marketing hype or false advertising. Indeed, Chanson Water’s line of critically and commercially acclaimed ionizers underscore these facts — that excellence, in manufacturing and customer service, is the hallmark of this internationally respected brand.

Led by Nedalee Thomas, an eloquent advocate for individual health and safe drinking water, Chanson Water® leads the way in its efforts to educate people about the benefits of ionized water. The company’s seminars and wealth of information, the latter is available for free on Chanson’s website, are part of an overall commitment to give individuals a path to vitality and peace of mind. This emphasis on knowledge – a campaign led by Nedalee’s long-standing passion for helping people and combating illness – separates Chanson from the competition. From its abundance of choice, which includes several ionizers intelligently priced for the needs of individuals, families or businesses, to its personal investment in transforming the quality of the world’s drinking water, Chanson Water® embodies the ideals of a model citizen: active, conscientious, moral and forever moving ahead to new areas of innovation and design.

Chanson Water® also devotes itself to fully documenting the many ways ionized water is different from and superior to ordinary tap water or bottled water. The distinction lies in proof, alongside actual images that illustrate the way the human body consumes and absorbs ionized water. For example: rather than evoke a mystical place, an elusive destination that is the alleged home of this or that brand of bottled water, Chanson Water® has countless unsolicited testimonials – and praise from physicians throughout the United States and Asia – that highlight the successes of individuals of all ages who value the power of ionized water.

This practical approach to improving the quality of the water we consume is, at its core, the ultimate union between science and education. The former is the result of thorough research, overseen by their team of professionals at Chanson Water®, and a perpetual devotion to giving people all the facts – from photos to independent studies to articles to third-party endorsements – that confirm the power of ionized water.

As safe drinking water becomes an even great global priority, Chanson Water® will be at the forefront in its mission to give people value, quality and the healthiest – and most accessible – means of ionized water possible. This credo is free of short-term interest or financial motivation; it is, instead, a summons to strengthen the environment and empower children, parents and families — all individuals who deserve, as their birthright, healthy and exceptional water. On these principles, Chanson Water® is a pioneer in technology and wellness.

Co-Founder of Chanson Water® USA

Nedalee’s Short Bio-

Nedalee Thomas has been in the water ionizer industry for over seven years and has helped build Chanson Water USA from the ground up. After serving as Chanson’s COO/CFO for several years, she became CEO in 2013. She attained her marketing degree in 1982 from the FIDM and her California realtor license in 2005. She has authored several books and served as co-owner, office manager and bookkeeper of Top Choice Remodeling & Repair for over seven years. Yet her proudest accomplishments are parenting a total of 19 foster, adoptive, and natural children, and doing her best to serve the Lord with all of her heart.

Press Release

Press Contact: Nedalee Thomas, CEO 1‐800‐624‐2169 *

Strong Water to the M.A.X.

Chanson Water USA unveils new Ionizer, the Miracle M.A.X., capable of producing the strongest low pH acid water and high pH alkaline drinking water. Previously used in Russia to treat radiation exposure.

LAGUNA HILLS, CA March 22, 2011 Chanson Water USA, a leading distributor of ionizers that turn regular tap water into both electrolyzed, alkaline, ionized and antioxidant-rich or acid water, has announced the release of its newest and most powerful ionizer. The Miracle M.A.X. which has the capability to turn regular tap water into high pH drinking water charged (literally) with myriad health, mental clarity, longevity and energy benefits. This release comes not a moment too soon as water ionizers have been used to assist with the treatment of radiation exposure and poisoning.

Electrical energy pioneer Michael Faraday invented electrolysis in the 1800’s. His devise separated water into hydrogen and oxygen. Later Russia worked to improve the utilization of the technology for the purpose of treating radiation exposure and by 1966 even the Japanese Health and Rehabilitation Ministry confirmed that alkaline ionized water was beneficial for health improvement and medical use. Today over 30 million people in Asia use water ionizers to assist in their good health. Thanks to Chanson Water USA, the use of alkaline ionized water to support and benefit good health is now becoming widely available to people in North America and Europe.

Chanson Water USA, aims to educate consumers and industries of the proven scientific benefits of (high pH) alkaline ionized water which donates electrical energy to the body and low pH acid water which is also proven to disinfect and deactivate food borne pathogens that are responsible for certain food borne illnesses.

The M.A.X. is first ionizer that will make both strong disinfecting acid and healing alkaline water for anyone with ANY water source. Powerful enough to be used for disinfecting by doctors, hospitals, dentists, spas, vets, restaurants, the food industry, and most importantly, safe enough for home use. The M.A.X. rocks! Literally! It’s the first ionizer ever to use mineral rich nutritional Himalayan rock salt to create acid water. Unlike ionizers that use chemical injection and leave toxic residue on your plates when you produce drinking water, this Himalayan residue is healthy for you because it has over 80 minerals. Simply drop a rock of Himalayan Salt into the basket and chose the acid water setting and you are able to make acid water that has been 3rd party verified to kill e-coli and Staph on contact!

Ionized acid water is renowned for its hundreds of scientifically-proven uses, such as; a Miraculous skin tonic that even takes lines and wrinkles off of the face, as sanitizer, disinfectant and destroyer of bacteria and live food borne pathogens such as Escherichia coli (O157:H7) and Salmonella Typhimurium (ST) which have been the cause of recent widespread food recalls across the country. Ionized alkaline water also, most notably, serves up myriad health benefits, such as invigorating overall immune system function and recharging system cell function which both lead to a decrease in the chances of disease while improving health, longevity, energy levels, mental clarity and skin and hair condition.

“The alkaline water you drink when you use a Chanson ionizer reduces oxidation which is generally accepted as a main contributor to cell degeneration and aging,” explained Chanson Water USA, CFO Nedalee Ruiz. “The science is there, and you would be amazed to learn just how much you can improve your health just by drinking the right kind of water the kind of ionized water our new M.A.X. gives you. The M.A.X. ionizer is so far above and beyond better than the rest because of the research we’ve done and the state-of-the-art technology we’ve implemented in its design. We’ve spared no expense in creating what is the best ionizer on the market, period, and the result is pH water that will benefit those who use it in so many different ways.”

The commercial grade Miracle M.A.X. Ionizer is powered by the same continual supply source used in the newest 3D flat-screen television technology and is composed of seven of the largest Nano-coated titanium plates on the market. The M.A.X., which also features a revolutionary self-cleaning mode that allows the device to clean itself of calcium buildup, is more effective than other ionizers on the market in its production capability. Although one of the smallest 7-plate countertop ionizers in the world, the M.A.X. is powerful enough to produce up to a half liter of acid water per minute.

About Chanson Water USA

Chanson Water USA, headquartered in Louisville, KY, distributes products that result in water that is electrolyzed, alkaline, antioxidant-rich and ionized. Studies indicate that acid water, FDA approved for use on food products can disinfect on contact and kill the types of germs responsible for the recent recalls of nearly 35,000 pounds of organic ground beef products and nearly 7,000 cases of cilantro and parsley. Acid water can also replace many toxic cleaning products.

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