Fatal brain-eating amoeba found in Southern water supply

Earlier this week authorities announced that the deadly brain-eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri was found in the water supply of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, a water system that serves 97,000 residents. This is the second time in two years that amoeba has been found in an American water supply.
Authorities insist that the water is still drinkable, but caution that it can be deadly to inhale/get up ones nose. Therefore they are cautioning against submerging oneself in the water, using the water in a neti-pot, letting children play with a hose, or anything that could lead to water going up the nostrils. They have begun a 60-day chlorine burn to kill the amoeba.
While our water filtration systems don’t specifically address amoeba, having a Chanson pre-filtration system and/or Whole House Filtration system installed can provide added peace of mind when situations like this occur. They will address the added chlorine being used for the chlorine burn, which will have done it’s job by the time it reaches your faucet and is not healthy to ingest or bathe in. Chlorine has been linked to respiratory issues, cancer and skin irritations among other things.
As much as our government may try to protect us, ultimately your health is in your hands and no water supply is immune to traces of dangerous bacteria and other contaminants. Protect yourself and your family with a proper filtration system today!

Chlorinated Water Linked to Birth Defects

The majority of US municipalities chlorinate our drinking water in order to disinfect it. The problem is that the byproducts of chlorine can cause harmful side effects such as dry skin, respiratory issues, cancer, and birth defects.

Chlorinated Water Linked to Birth Defects

Scientists at the University of Birmingham examined the birth records of 400,000 babies and found an alarming increase in birth defects in areas where the water was highly chlorinated. The chlorine byproduct trihalomethanes (THM’s) are readily absorbed by the body and pass through the placenta to the unborn baby, disrupting normal fetal development and creating a defect.

In another study, researchers in Italy found a link between congenital anomalies and the mother’s exposure to THMs, chlorite and chlorate in drinking water during the first trimester, while Norwegian researchers also came to the conclusion that there is a link between chlorinated water and birth defects in a separate study.

The highest incidence of defects include brain and spinal cord defects, cleft palates and heart problems.

The Solution: Water Filtration

The cheap pitcher and faucet filters on the market address the taste and odor of chlorine, but do not remove the chlorine itself. Therefore it is essential that pregnant women upgrade to a drinking water prefilter that removes chlorine.

Another way to reduce chlorine exposure is with a whole house filter and Chanson Spa Shower Filter which also addresses chlorine. This is because we can absorb chlorine through our skin when we bathe, as well as inhale it in the shower or even if we stand too close to a pot of boiling chlorinated water or toilet when it is flushed.

Protect your family and your unborn children from the harsh effects of chlorine with a Chanson Water filter today!


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Are You at Risk for a Waterborne Bacterial Illness?

You’ve likely heard the phrase “don’t drink the water” in relation to travel within Mexico, which is notorious for its high bacterial levels.

But did you know that you may also be at risk for bacterial illness as a result of drinking tap or well water in the US?

Waterborne Bacterial Illness

Tap water causes an estimated 18.4 million cases of stomach illnesses in the US each year. Most of these illnesses are caused by pathogens such as bacteria and viruses that escape water treatment efforts, while sewage leaks and flooding also contribute to the problem.

While an upset stomach is the most common symptom of a bacterial waterborne illness, flu-like symptoms and even death may result, such as in the case of the brain-eating Amoeba bacteria.

Additionally, one study on illnesses associated with tap water showed that serious diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune dysfunctions can occur weeks or even months after a stomach illness and is known as chronic sequelae.

Those with an increased risk of pathogen-born illnesses include the elderly, pregnant women, young children, the chronically ill and those undergoing immunosuppressive therapy, which makes up about 25% of the US population.

UC Berkley conducted a tap water study among 988 Sonoma County residents over age 55. Although the water met all federal and state water quality standards, researchers found a 12% decrease in self-reported gastrointestinal illnesses in those who filtered their water versus those who did not.

Bacterial Water Filtration

While some recommend UV light as a bacterial treatment for water, that method has many flaws. If the UV bulb gets even the slightest haze on it, the UV light becomes ineffective at killing bacteria, and you may not know when the bulb stops working. Additionally, the speed at which the water flows past the light makes it difficult to be effective. Most disturbingly, after a UV light kills bacteria, the bacteria still remains in the water for you to consume!

But both the Chanson Nano Filtration System and new NANO2 easily traps and removes 99.9% of all bacteria due to its .0001 micron size (most bacteria is .02 micron). We recommend it for anyone who would like antibacterial protection. Protect yourself and your family from bacterial waterborne illness today!


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Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret: Revealed

It is widely believed that Cleopatra’s beautiful skin can be attributed to bathing in milk and honey. But what if that wasn’t her only beauty secret? What if the water she drank also played a significant role?

One thing we know for sure: Cleopatra didn’t drink SmartWater or tap water that had toxic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride added to it. Back then, her only water sources would have been wells and the river Nile itself.

Ancient Water Purification Methods

It turns out that the origin of water filtration dates back to ancient Egypt, where–as early as 2000 B.C.–water was passed through a cloth sleeve to filter out some of the larger impurities before drinking.

The Egyptians would also allow smaller sediment to settle at the bottom of a large urn and siphon the upper layer of water for drinking, and used almonds to clarify river water.

The ancient Greeks would also sanitize water by boiling, straining, exposing to sunlight, charcoal filtering, and filtering water through sand.

Ancient Water Ionization Methods

Even more interesting is that in Grecian and Roman times, water was stored in urns of copper and brass overnight. The end result of which was clear and sweet drinking water, due to the electrolytic reaction that took place in the copper and brass.

Copper is a chemical element with a very high thermal and electrical conductivity, and brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, an alkaline mineral. So it appears that ancient Greeks and Romans are the actual founders of water ionization, a discovery which took place before Christ was even born!

Presumably, only the rich could afford these urns and this water purification method, and thus it is conceivable that Cleopatra would have drank ionized water, regardless of if she were aware of the science behind it. (Although Cleopatra ruled Egypt, she was of Greek decent and eventually joined Cesar in Rome.)

How You Can Benefit From This Ancient Beauty Secret

Today, technology allows us to create our own ionized water through the use of a kitchen appliance called a water ionizer which turns ordinary tap water into healthy alkaline ionized water for drinking.

Dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of The Perricone Prescription says, “The fountain of youth did not spew forth diet soda and OJ–it’s always been good old H2O…If you do not drink water, your organs and cells cannot function. How can your skin be soft and plumped up if you refuse the elixir of life?”

Alkaline ionized water is up to six times more hydrating than tap or bottled water, contains three times more antioxidants than a glass of OJ, and is able to hydrate cells to twice their size. The result? Deeper hydration and clearer, softer, more youthful skin.

Fortunately, we do not have to result to labor-intensive, time-consuming ancient methods of filtration and ionization. We now have the luxury of installing a pre-filter which only needs to be changed about once a year, and a water ionizer which will produce alkaline ionized water instantly.

Dangers of Nitrates in Tap Water

There are many potential contaminants in our drinking water today. One you may not have heard much about are nitrates or nitrites, which are nitrogen-oxygen chemical units that combine with various organic and inorganic compounds and may be carcinogenic.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “The major sources of nitrates in drinking water are runoff from fertilizer use; leaking from septic tanks, sewage; and erosion of natural deposits.” They allow up to 10 mg/L or 10 ppm of nitrates in our drinking water.

The Problem With High Nitrate Levels

High nitrate levels pose the most risk to pregnant women, infants under six months, and adults with reduced stomach acidity.

Nitrate levels have been rising since the 1950s, leveled off in the 80s, and began rising again five years ago. The problem intensified when farmers were forced to plant record-levels of corn, drought-withered corn plants didn’t suck up all the nitrogen from the fertilizer, and then when heavy rains came they washed the fertilizer into rivers with the help of the drainage tiles that have been installed beneath many farms.

Mid-western U.S. states are most at risk for high nitrate levels in their drinking water due to corn farming. These states include Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin and the eastern portions of Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

To keep the nitrate levels within the legal limit, parts of Iowa and Minnesota have been forced to use expensive nitrate-removal systems, and the cost is passed on to their residents.

How to Reduce Nitrates in Your Drinking Water

Unfortunately, boiling water does not remove nitrates, and nitrate levels could potentially spike before you receive word of it from your state.

The best way to protect you and your family from nitrates is with a quality drinking water filtration system.

Chanson offers the Nano Filtration System and the new non-electric Nano2, both of which are high quality modified reverse osmosis systems that reduce nitrates in drinking water by more than 85%. Unlike traditional reverse osmosis systems, both Nano filters leave beneficial alkaline minerals in your water, making it even healthier. Click here for more information or to order.

Are You Bathing In Chemical Toxins?

You wouldn’t bathe in your swimming pool, so why are most Americans showering in unfiltered, chlorinated water?

Municipal water districts are required by law to add chlorine or chloramines (chlorine + ammonia) to our water supply in order to disinfect and prevent the spread of bacteria.

It sounds great in theory.

After all, no one wants to drink or wash in water that is contaminated with bacteria and other germs. But the problem is that chlorine and chloramines create carcinogenic byproducts which are both absorbed through our skin and inhaled.

The dangers of bathing in chlorinated water

60% of all we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our blood stream, and even just a 10-minute shower can cause you to absorb more chlorine than if you drank 64 ounces of the same water. In fact, the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study which showed 6X higher levels of chloroform through inhalation vs. water consumption. This is because the byproducts of chlorine create a gas that is easily inhaled.

Chlorine and its byproducts have been linked to the following ailments: hardening of arteries, destruction of proteins in the body, aggravation of asthma, allergies, sinus conditions, and respiratory problems, accelerated aging, altered cholesterol levels, genetic mutations that can lead to cancer growth, high blood pressure, heart trouble, and irritation/dryness of skin and hair.

Whenever you shower, take a bath, use the dishwasher or washing machine, brush your teeth, wash your hands, or flush your toilet, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are released into your home and inhaled, unless that water has been properly filtered. Your exposure to VOCs and other harmful chemicals can be reduced with a Whole House Filter.

How to reduce your exposure to chlorine & its byproducts

The Chanson Water Dove Whole House Filter filters every tap in your home, so that you and your family are protected from chlorine and its toxic byproducts. However, it is not recommended as a standalone filter for drinking water, as it does not filter out other harmful contaminants like fluoride, lead and arsenic, which is why we recommend pairing it with a Chanson drinking water pre-filter.

If you cannot afford a Whole House Filter or want added protection, a Chanson Spa Shower Filter is an affordable solution. They quickly and easily attach to every shower head in your home to filter chlorine and its byproducts from your shower water, and are the only shower filter on the market to also soften and energize the water. As a result you will notice better looking and more manageable skin and hair.

6 Green Spring Cleaning Tips to Alkalize Your Home & Body

When undergoing annual spring cleaning you are likely exposing yourself to large amounts of dust and chemical cleaners which are unhealthy to breathe in, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are six green cleaning tips for home and body:

#1. Switch to Natural Cleaners

There are many natural cleaners you can try such as baking soda, cornstarch, white vinegar and lemons which we discussed in our article about all-natural cleaners.

However there are some downsides to these types of natural cleaners, such as the fact that white vinegar can actually damage porous surfaces like stone and unsealed grout as well as dull the finish of your hardwood floors, while cornstarch and baking soda can be too abrasive for some surfaces.

This is why we recommend using ionized acidic water from a Chanson Water ionizer to clean and sanitize everything from glass to countertops to toilets and floors. For a less expensive but highly effective product, we now also offer our Chanson Miracle Sanitizer which dispenses activated oxygen into air and liquids and can sterilize virtually any surface. While both products are completely safe to use and don’t require the use of any masks or gloves, you may want to wear a mask when dealing with dusty areas to prevent inhalation.

#2. Clear the Clutter

You may think that keeping those clothes you’ll never wear in the back of your closet aren’t hurting anyone, so long as you have the room. But the laws of feng shui say that any clutter can negatively impact the way you feel and the things you are able to attract into your life. So fill up some trash bags with items you no longer need, and donate them to a local charity, friend, or family member.

#3. Restock the Pantry

If you’ve been thinking of switching to an alkaline diet, now is the time to go through your pantry and make room for healthy foods by tossing the junk. The general rule of thumb is that if it has a longer shelf life than you do, it is not healthy for you, and that you want to look for foods which contain five ingredients or less. So goodbye white cane sugar, hello stevia, and sionara white rice, welcome quinoa!

#4. Audit Your Bath & Beauty Products

There are many acidifying chemicals lurking in all commercial bath and body products like your deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, and makeup. Ionized acidic water from a Chanson water ionizer can effectively replace many products like facial toner, aftershave, hand sanitizer, and hair rinses. You can also make your own products using ingredients like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils, or buy natural versions of bath and body products at health food stores. Remember to read all labels and avoid products which include ingredients you can’t pronounce as well as sulfates, parabens, aluminum, fluoride, artificial colorants and fragrances.

#5. Research or Maintain a Whole House Filter/Softener

70% of Americans live in hard water areas, which can take a toll on your pipes, fixtures and appliances as mineral deposits build up. These issues can be addressed with a whole house water softener, and save you money on plumbing and by extending the life of your appliances.

And all homes can benefit from a whole house water filter, which removes and reduces chemicals like chlorine and chloramines from your tap water. You may not think that you need to filter your tap water, especially if you are drinking bottled water, but what about the water you cook and bathe in? Even flushing your toilet releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air which are damaging to health when breathed in. Whole house filters filter all water entering your home so that you and your family are protected from many of the chemicals and toxins lurking in tap water. Chanson offers a whole house filter, whole house softener, and combo unit to meet your needs.

#6. Cleanse Your Body

Don’t just stop with your home, the warmer weather is a great time to detox your system. Whether you try a one-day water fast, weekend juicing cleanse, colonic or coffee enema, infrared sauna, or a combination of the above, taking time to detox your system is as necessary for your body as changing the oil is for your car. You’ll look and feel better after the detoxification process is over!

10 Ways to Reduce Toxicity in Your Home

If you had to take a guess as to which is more toxic: a busy polluted city street or your own home, which would you choose?

The correct answer may surprise you.

Everything from the carpet underneath your feet to the often poorly ventilated air you are breathing to the chemicals and chemical by products in the water flowing through your tap contain toxic elements that over time can contribute to poor health.

In fact one study showed that women who work from home are more likely to develop breast cancer than those who don’t.

Here are a few ways you can reduce the toxicity in your home:

1. Invest in a whole house water filter

Think your drinking water is the only thing you need to filter? Think again.

Chloroform is carcinogenic and is formed from the chlorine that the government puts in the water to disinfect it. The University of Pittsburgh conducted a study which showed 6X higher levels of chloroform through inhalation versus water consumption.

So whenever you shower, use the dishwasher, washing machine, or flush your toilet, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are released into your home and inhaled. Your exposure to VOCs and other harmful chemicals can be reduced with a Whole House Filter and Chanson Spa Shower Filter.

2. Open your windows and try an air filter

By properly ventilating your home with open windows you will naturally help reduce the amount of toxins you home. Air filters can also help improve the air quality of your home, just make sure they are placed in a way that covers the entire square footage of your living space. Our new Chanson Miracle Sanitizer, though not an air filter, kills airborne pathogens and odors, rendering chemical air fresheners unnecessary and reducing toxins.

3. Clean with all natural products

Commercial cleaners are loaded with chemicals and chemical byproducts that can be harmful if inhaled as well as if they make contact with the skin or are ingested. Try using natural cleaners  like ionized acidic water from a Chanson water ionizer for a chemical-free shine as well as natural antibacterial action!

4. Say goodbye to chemical air fresheners

What are you using to scent your home? Chances are your sweet-smelling substance is full of cancer-causing chemicals that are by no means healthy to inhale. Switch from commercial air fresheners to a natural alternative.

5. Choose natural furnishings and fabrics

When moving, remodeling, or redecorating, consider natural materials, paint and fabrics like bamboo, cork and wheatboard over carpet, heavily treated wood paneling and chip board flooring.

7. Ditch dry cleaning and harsh detergents

The chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning and detergents are easily absorbed into the skin at a rate of 60%. Fortunately many dry cleaners now offer an organic dry cleaning option and you can try our power powder for a more eco-friendly home solution. Always allow dry cleaning items to air out before bringing them inside the house.

8. Reduce your use of electronics

Do you know which household appliance may be killing you? The truth is that all electronics give off electromagnetic radiation that may be damaging to health. In fact one study showed that if a charged cell phone were placed inside of a raw chicken it would cook the chicken in a mere three days time! Just think what it could be doing to your cells! Try limiting your use and distancing yourself from your electronic devices while you sleep.

9. Switch to natural beauty products

Most shampoos, soaps, and cosmetics are acid-forming and absorbed through the skin. Our SkinBalance product is all-natural and great for use as a skin toner, aftershave, an astringent, general cleaner, and hair conditioner. Explore mineral makeup and other organic beauty products for optimal health, and see our article on 9 Ways to Alkalize Your Beauty Routine.

10. Stop eating processed foods and buy organic produce

Processed foods are packed with preservatives, GMO’s, MSG, pesticides, fluoride, and artificial flavors and colorants. Aim to add more fresh produce to your shopping cart each week and cut down on the pre-packaged items. We’ve compiled a list of the foods which need to be bought organic versus the foods that don’t to help you shop.

Is Your Water Filter Too Extreme, Too Minimal, Or Just Right?

Tap water is littered with a host of chemicals and contaminants, some of which are regulated by the government to be there such as chlorine and fluoride even though they are proven to be unhealthy.

Many studies have linked these chemicals to cancer and other health issues and have determined that drinking unfiltered tap water is not safe, but that filtering your tap water is in many cases a better alternative to bottled water.

The most common drinking water filters used by Americans today are reverse osmosis systems (an extreme solution) and short-term carbon pitcher or faucet filters (a minimal solution). Here we will discuss the pros and cons of each and offer solutions to help you achieve the best filtration possible.

Reverse Osmosis Systems (R/O)


  • Removes virtually ALL impurities
  • Only needs to be changed about once a year


  • Removes ALL alkaline minerals and nutrients
  • Renders water acidic, which leads to mineral deficiencies and creates an internal environment which is ideal for illness and disease to thrive
  • Cannot be used with a water ionizer without a remineralizer
  • Wastes approximately five gallons of water for every gallon produced
  • Limited on demand supply – may require a holding tank (which can grow mold inside)
  • Maintenance can be extensive

BETTER SOLUTION: If installing or utilizing a reverse osmosis system, you should also install a remineralizer, which puts alkaline minerals back into the water after everything is filtered out. The Chanson Super Reverse Osmosis System (no remineralizer needed) is a five stage system which is superior to a traditional three stage R/O system and wastes only two gallons of water per gallon produced.

BEST SOLUTION: Chanson also developed the Nano-Filtration System, which is a modified reverse osmosis system that removes most impurities while keeping the beneficial minerals in (without the need for a remineralizer) and wastes the least amount of water (one gallon per gallon produced). It also provides an unlimited on demand supply and does not require the use of a holding tank, although we offer optional tanks in order to speed up your water ionizer flow.

Short-Term Carbon Pitcher and Faucet Filters (like those sold by Brita® and PUR®)


  • Cheap in the short-term
  • Convenient – can be picked up at local stores
  • Easy to change
  • Does not waste any water


  • Does not even remotely begin to address all chemicals and contaminants found in tap water
  • While they cover up the smell and taste of chlorine, they don’t actually remove the chlorine itself which causes distress on the body
  • Needs to be changed frequently, and costs can add up to be more in the long run than investing in a more permanent system

BETTER SOLUTION: The Chanson C3 Prefilter addresses many, many more toxins, chemicals, and pollutants and the filters only need to be changed annually. If installed under the faucet, the drinking water is dispensed directly from the tap (no need for extra pieces to be added to the faucet or to have anything taking up space in your refrigerator).

BEST SOLUTION: The Chanson Nano-Filtration System is the ultimate drinking water filtration system that will remove the most contaminants while keeping adequate levels of beneficial alkaline minerals in. You get what you pay for, and the Nano is worth it!

Visit us at www.chansonwater.com for more information.

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Brita® is a registered trademark of The Chlorox Company. PUR® is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble.