Chanson Spa Shower Filter Testimonial

We are pleased to share the following  Chanson Spa Shower Filter testimonial we recently received from a happy customer:

I recently purchased a home in Riverside county and did not realize that their tap water ranks #4 WORST in the country until it was too late! Fortunately I already have an ionizer but the unfiltered tap water was doing a number on my hair. I was shocked when it literally stripped red permanent dye within three washes (a hairdresser once told me that red is the hardest pigment to extract!) In addition, the water left my hair dull, dry, frizzy and unmanageable and gave me dandruff for the first time in years. I hadn’t changed any of my hair care products so I knew it was the water and that I had to do something about it fast. The Chanson Spa Shower Filter seemed like the perfect solution, so I ordered one and am pleased to share my results.
Installation took less than five minutes and required no tools. I instantly noticed an absence of the harsh chemical smell that had previously plagued the water. I was worried that the addition of the shower filter might negatively effect my water pressure since I already use an eco-friendly showerhead but if anything the water pressure seemed more powerful. The water temperature was also hotter at a lower setting, and I can only imagine it’s due to the FIR energy. When I was done washing, my hairbrush went through easier. And best of all, my hair has now been restored to it’s shiny, smooth, dandruff-free self!
Here’s what my hair looked like after air-drying and running a brush through it BEFORE installing the Chanson Spa Shower Filter:
Scary, right? I couldn’t leave the house without some serious damage-control. But here’s what it looks like after just four washes with the Chanson Spa Shower Filter and the same exact shampoo, conditioner, etc.:

-Christina M., Lake Elsinore, CA

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Now You Can Listen to Our Blogs!

Chanson Water USA is pleased to announce the introduction of an exciting new feature on our blog. Now you can listen to our top 10 blogs instead of reading!

Just click “Listen to our articles” in the header and select an article from the list. We hope this new feature will accomodate your busy lifestyle and free up more time to “read.”

There’s even a mobile ap you can download on your smartphone or iPad for when you’re on the go. Listen anywhere…in the car, at the gym, in line at the bank.

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2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon

January 23, 2012 marked the beginning of the year of the water dragon according to Chinese astrology, a time which only occurs every 60 years.

Dragons are a symbol of good fortune, and are the most revered of the 12 animals honored in Chinese astrology, and the only mythical animal featured. Throughout history parents in China have actually hoped and aimed to have their children born in dragon years (every 12 years).

As a Christian company, we at Chanson Water are not followers of astrology but thought some of our readers might find this interesting (and let’s face it: we needed an excuse to use this awesome water dragon pic).

We are of course most intrigued by the water part–an element which is featured every five years. Water is the source of life: it covers 70% of our planet and comprises 60%-70% of our bodies. In Chinese element theory, water produces wood, which signifies growth and is the natural element of the dragon.

The last time the Water Dragon made an appearance was in the year 1952. Major world events in 1952 included the beginning of Queen  Elizabeth II’s reign, the introduction of two of the most destructive weapons in history: the hydrogen bomb and the B-52 bomber, the first successful separation of Siamese twins, and a killer fog which descended on London and coined the word “smog.” So it will be interesting to see what 2012 will bring, especially with the US presidential election and of course all of the Mayan calendar end-of-the-world hype.

Chanson Water USA wishes you a safe and prosperous year as we work to bring you the latest in water ionization and water filtration technology. Visit us at for more information on our products.