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Memory loss and how to boost your memory

Memory loss and how to boost your memory

The ‘Memory Boost’experiment was performed by researchers. The results showed that certain Mexican spice ingredients (i.e. cumin, cilantro) have the potential to greatly enhance memory when mixed with water or food.

Memory Boost Experiment

Recent research shows that certain Mexican food spices boost memory. In a study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology, researchers have conducted an experiment to prove how the these spices can help boost memory.

The first experiment:

  • Drinking water is mixed with an extract of savory spice cumin
  • Rats were trained to jump onto a pole once the buzzer is ignited to avoid the electrical shock delivered to the metal floor of their cage

The results

  • The first group of rats drinking pure water learned to avoid the shock perfectly after eleven days of training
  • The second group that drank cumin-tainted water learned EVEN faster and were able to avoid the shock after only eight days of training
  • It was proven that the length of time to learn the task was proportional to the concentration of cumin extract, as those who received the highest dose of cumin extract performed even better

The second experiment

Both groups of rats had already learned the task and ‘memorized’ the lesson.

  • All of them were treated with a drug called scopolamine which causes amnesia. This drug works by inhibiting the function of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. Note that a decrease in neurotransmitter acetylcholine results in memory loss in humans such as with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • All rats were now under a drug influence and when the buzzer sounded, only 40% remembered to jump to the pole. While the first group of rats severely suffered memory loss, the second group that drank the highest concentration of cumin-laced water appeared to only be slightly effected by the drug.

The re-training results

  • The group that drank pure water took five days to relearn
  • Rats drinking the strongest dose of cumin extract re-learned to escape the shock in only two days.

The astounding fact was the protection from memory loss and the length of time it took to re-learn after amnesia were directly proportional to the concentration of the cumin extract the rats were fed.
A similar experiment was conducted by different group of researchers where cilantro was mixed into rat food. It was found that the rats fed with cilantro flavored food performed better learning to run a maze compared with those not fed with cilantro.


Even though the researchers did not mentioned the words “alkaline,”, “alkalized” or “alkali,” they unintentionally used the alkalized water and alkalized food in their experiments. Both cumin and cilantro have been identified as alkaline herbs and obviously by making use of them for drink and food, we can easily make our own alkaline diet. So increase or boost your memory with an alkaline diet. Find out about our alkaline water option and see how others enjoy alkaline water benefits today!.
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