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Alkaline Ionized Water Levels

Alkaline Ionized Water Levels

Strong Alkaline Water(10.5pH and above-Not suitable for drinking)

    • Can be used to remove grease or oily spots from clothing
    • Used to relieve joint pain and tenderness
    • Can be used to break-down grease on the stove and counter-top
    • Reduces Swelling- Soak washcloth in the strong alkaline water and apply to pain area.
    • Used to kill plant fungi


Standard Alkaline Water (9.5pH)

  • Where you will end up drinking after your body has adjusted
  • Use to make coffee and tea
  • Wash fruits and veggies and remove waxy build-up and pesticides

Mid Alkaline Water (9.0pH)

  • Used for cooking and soups
  • Move to mid alkaline after drinking low alkaline for the first two weeks
  • Use for people who have sensitive systems and can’t consume the standard alkaline

Low Alkaline Water (8.5 pH)

  • Drink for the first two weeks of ingesting alkaline ionized water
  • Can be used for children over three years of age and older
  • Serve to house guests who do not normally consume ionized water

Purified Water

  • Use to take time released medications (drink 30 minutes before, during, and 30 minutes after)
  • Use to make infant formula
  • Give to young children

Acid Water (5.5pH to 3.0pH-Not suitable for drinking)

  • Can be used a skin toner
  • Can be used to reduce the appearance of age spots, and fine lines on the face and decolletage
  • Spray on pets for a shiny and soft coat

Strong Acid Water (3.0 pH and below- Not suitable for drinking!)

  • Use to sanitize kitchens and bathrooms
  • Can be sprayed in your dog or cat’s mouth to reduce bad breath
  • Use to disinfect and treat wounds- helps minimize the appearance of scars
  • Use in the laundry to make whites brighter and towels fluffier
  • Use to disinfect toilets

See our video on acidic water as an antibacterial agent:

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