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Alkalize or Die (Facebook LIVE Replay)

alkalizeordieIn this Water Wednesday episode we discuss the book Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody.

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Here are the show notes:

-“Restructured water alkalizes by displacing acids and replacing alkalines. The other health benefit of restructured water is the imparted frequency, which are not present in distilled water. These frequencies assist in acid displacement toward the elimination channels.”
-Chemical, physical, dietary, psychological and spiritual factors affect the acid alkaline imbalance
-No tests can gage how acidic your tissues are
-Alkaline forming foods have a cooling effect on the body and are digested quickly, while acidic foods are inflammatory
-All alternative healing systems (chiropractic, acupuncture/pressure, counseling, yoga, massage therapy, etc) produce alkaline-forming reactions in the body
-“My suggestion is to drink restructured alkaline water whenever possible…I have administered over 10,000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. I feel that restructured alkaline water can benefit everyone.”

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