Natural Relief for Back Pain (Facebook LIVE replay)

Back pain got you down?

In this Water Wednesday episode we talk about ways you can find natural relief.

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Here are the show notes:


A lot of what we’re going to talk about can be applied to most types of pain, not just back pain. All painkillers are acidic and thus harmful to the body so let’s talk about a natural solution.


If you are not drinking a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water—not soda, not coffee, not even reverse osmosis or distilled water—daily, you are losing more water than you are consuming and thus you are dehydrated.


Lower back pain may actually be a sign of dehydration according to Bob McCauley, author of The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water. The reason that all of those other beverages aren’t hydrating is due to the fact they are acidic—even many bottled waters on the market are acidic and dehydrating! This then upsets our acidic-alkaline balance, which German researchers also concluded may contribute to the symptoms of lower back pain.


Our spinal chords contain several discs which cushion the gaps in between vertebrae. When these discs become dehydrated, back pain and discomfort can result. So if you do not have muscular or spinal damage, then dehydration is most likely the cause of your back pain and re-hydration is a simple solution.


Ionized water is believed by Japanese scientist to hydrate 6X better and on a cellular level due to its microcluster size which is more easily absorbed by the body. It is also alkaline (the opposite of acidic) so it nourishes the body instead of robbing it of minerals the way acidic liquids do. It makes the minerals in the water more bioavailable.


In one German study, 82 people who suffered from lower back pain were given supplements of alkaline minerals over a period of four weeks. 76 of them experienced a drop in their ARS (Arhus low back pain rating scale), with an average drop of 49%!


In addition to hydrating the body with alkaline ionized water which may help prevent lower back pain, a topical application of high alkaline water often provides temporary pain relief. Just soak a rag in 10+ pH alkaline water and apply to the sore area. The alkaline water neutralizes inflammation in the muscle and reduces oxidation which is a byproduct of inflammation. This is a non-addictive, all natural remedy.

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pH Water & Plants (Facebook LIVE Replay)

In this Water Wednesday episode we talk about the role pH water plays with plants and how you can grow a healthy garden.

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Here are the show notes:

GREEN THUMB—Whether you just want to have the best looking flower boxes on the block or are interested in growing your own organic food, this broadcast is for you. Gardening is hard work, and the pH balance of the plant water and soil plays a large role in whether or not your efforts are successful.

PLANTS VS HUMANS—Unlike humans, plants “breathe out” oxygen and “breathe in” carbon dioxide. While humans thrive on clean, ionized alkaline water, most plants like to drink ionized acid water.

RAINWATER—Most rainwater has a pH of 5.6-5.8 due to the presence of carbonic acid (H2CO3). This means it is moderately acidic, but should not be confused with acid rain which hovers closer to 3.0 pH due to emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides mixing with the water molecules.

FERTILIZERS/TAP WATER—Many commercial fertilizers are ammonia-based in order to increase soil acidity. The government mandates that tap water be at least neutral if not slightly alkaline, so the water that comes out of your sprinklers and garden hose is not pH balanced for many plants and is also filled with chemicals like chlorine, chloramines and fluoride which can be harmful to plants.

SCIENCE EXPERIMENT—11 year old Mason gave three different ivy plants alkaline water, tap water, and acidic water over a period of weeks for a gradeschool science experiment and found that the plant given acidic water thrived the most.

CHART—Since each plant has its own unique needs such as sunlight vs shade, we created a plant pH chart for your reference.

NATURAL PESTICIDE—Most insects are repelled by ionized acidic water, making it an all-natural pesticide.

CUT FLOWERS—Most cut flower stems should be watered with ionized alkaline water since, like us, they have been uprooted from their original life force and are slowly dying. Tend to last longer. Here’s what my Mother’s day flowers looked like 12 days later, after changing the water only once!

REVIVE PRODUCE—And when you’re ready to eat the produce you have grown, we recommend a quick dip in ionized acidic water to naturally kill any bacteria that has grown on them followed by a 10 min soak in 8.5 pH ionized alkaline water directly before consuming in order to revive the produce to its freshly picked state.

A Chanson water ionizer is capable of producing every pH level of water that you and your plants need to thrive.

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Hydration’s Link to Better Sleep ??? (Facebook LIVE replay)

Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep?

In this Water Wednesday episode we talk about why proper hydration can lead to better sleep and thus overall better health.

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Here are the show notes:

THE PROBLEM – Sleep is such a fickle thing, and not getting good sleep is one of the top three issues Americans report having when it comes to their health and wellness (other two are lack of energy and pain) according to my unofficial survey.

You may have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, having vivid or bad dreams, waking up feeling refreshed, etc.

ACIDIC SLEEP AIDS – Unfortunately all over the counter and prescription sleep aids are acidifying to the body which means they create a body which is less resistant to disease.

75% of Americans require drinking half the body weight in ounces of water daily. Click To Tweet

NATURAL REMEDIES – There are some natural remedies and today we’re going to talk about water, particularly Ionized Alkaline Water which can be made with a Chanson water ionizer

DEHYDRATION – 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. We recommend you drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water daily.

OMG I HAVE TO PEE! Worried about having to get up during the night to urinate frequently after drinking all this water? That issue should go away after about a 2 week adjustment period.

DEHYDRATION DURING SLEEP – Most of us experience dehydration when we sleep, which can cause symptoms in the body such as muscle cramps, and overall restlessness, as the body basically struggles to utilize whatever fluids you have given it throughout the day to do what it needs to do.

So for example, we sweat while we sleep as part of the detoxification process, and if we are already dehydrated the body doesn’t have enough water to sweat out and holds onto the water it does have, creating water weight and a toxic body.

BRAIN – You may be sleeping, but your brain and body still have work to do. One of the first things to become dehydrated is our brain, which then cannot function at optimal level. We believe that when you are hydrated with ionized alkaline water, your brain is able to move you into the stages of sleep with greater ease.

NUTRIENT ASSIMILATION – While we sleep, we are assimilating the nutrients of the day, and ionized alkaline water helps the body to better absorb nutrients, making the body’s process easier as we sleep. Unlike any other water, ionized alkaline water is far more effective at delivering nutrients and oxygen on a cellular level.

Ionized alkaline water enables your brain to move you into the stages of sleep with ease. Click To Tweet

ACIDITY – We are most acidic at 2 am (and most alkaline at 2 pm). So by drinking ionized alkaline water before bed and upon waking you are helping your body buffer the acidity as well as the dehydration of slumber. We recommend drinking 1-2 glasses immediately upon rising to replace water lost during sleep through breathing and sweating

TESTIMONIALS – Many of our customers report better sleep after switching to Chanson Water, it’s one of the most common things they tell us and we hope it will help you too!

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