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Quick & Easy Ways to Sanitize Toys Without Toxic Chemicals!

Busy moms are always looking for ways to keep their kids toys clean without a fuss, and more and more are becoming leery of the chemicals used in commercial wipes and disinfecting sprays.

Here we discuss two quick and easy ways to sanitize virtually any object–not just toys–without the use of toxic chemicals:

Chansonmiraclesanitizerforsanitizingtoys1. Dry “air” method using the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer

Have something you can’t (or don’t want to) get wet? Just pop it in a re-sealable bag along with the bubble stone of the Chanson Miracle Sanitizer, switch the machine on and let it run for 10 minutes. The Sanitizer dispels safe levels of activated oxygen (O3) which has disinfecting properties. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Click here for a short demo.

Chansonacidicwaterfortoycleaning2. Spray with Chanson Acidic Water

The byproduct of a Chanson Water Ionizer* is the low pH acidic water which has been 3rd party lab verified to disinfect on contact. The water ionizer uses electrolysis to transform ordinary tap water into a hypochlorous acid solution that is completely non-toxic and so safe you don’t even need to wear gloves when using, although we don’t recommend drinking it so keep it away from the kiddos. You can create this water for pennies on the gallon and it will keep for up to 90 days. Simply add to a dark colored spray bottle, spritz on the item, and wipe with a soft cloth. Store bottle away from heat and light for best results.

*Note that not all ionizers will make such a low pH or with any water source. We recommend the M.A.X., Royale, or–for those needing light duty commercial applications–The Revolution.