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Introducing the Sparrow Waterhouse Foundation

Chanson Water USA CEO Nedalee Thomas is pleased to announce the establishment of her new non-profit organization, The Sparrow Waterhouse Foundation.

The Sparrow Waterhouse Foundation works in the arenas of Health, Water, Housing and Ministry to families, orphans, communities and individuals domestically and internationally. Some of our support is provided directly such as a water ionizer donated to a cancer patient and other support is provided through our financial support to other ministries.

We work with India Christian Ministries who at this writing has over 7,000 churches in India. The growth they are seeing is so exponential that one dollar donated to them literally converts to one soul saved.

They have over 20 programs running and our hearts resonate with several of them. With 1.3 billion people, India is one of the largest, neediest and most unreached countries in the world. Half of the world’s orphans live in India. There are over 30 million child laborers or children sold into slavery. HIV/AIDS, malaria, polio, leprosy and water borne diseases and sex slavery are rampant.

By working with ICM, we are able to assist with their clean water development projects, provide housing, food and education for 100+ abandoned children with special needs. As well as support the 30+ centers for poor and at risk children to divert them from being sold into the sex trade.

10-90% of all Chanson Water USA sales will be donated to The Sparrow Waterhouse Foundation. 100% of Sparrow Waterhouse funds are donated directly to worthy causes unless you donate by credit card and then we must pay a 4.1% credit card processing fee. No one at Sparrow Waterhouse receives any salary. Our banking and web hosting fees are underwritten by the generosity of

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