The effect of acidic ionized water on airborne bacteria

Chanson acidic water has been 3rd party lab tested and found to disinfect on contact when made at 2.7 pH. Most water ionizers on the market cannot make such low pH water. Other studies found that acidic electrolyzed water has been proven to reduce pathogens on vegetables, eggs, poultry, and pork (Koseki et al., 2004; Russell, 2003; Park et al., 2002; Kim et al., 2005; Fabrizio and Cutter, 2005).

In a 2013 study titled “Airborne bacterial reduction by spraying slightly acidic electrolyzed water in a laying-hen house,”  researchers tested the effects of 6.0-6.5 pH acidic electrolyzed water on airborne bacteria in hen houses. The reason they tested higher pH levels was because they were concerned that repeated use of 2.7 pH water could cause corrosion to farm equipment, so they wanted to see how effective a less acidic solution would be.

Results suggested that spraying even the slightly acidic water was more effective than spraying diluted didecyl dimethyl ammonium bromide (DDAB), which is what is commonly used and has found to be hazardous to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tracts.

Ionized acidic or elecytrolyzed water is safe to spray directly on human skin and in the eyes and there are no known side effects, making it a great alternative to commercial disinfectants which are loaded with cancer-causing chemicals and irritants.

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Study finds ionized alkaline water beneficial for brain health

The results of a 2011 study titled “The neuroprotective effects of electrolyzed reduced water and its model water containing molecular hydrogen and Pt nanoparticles” suggest that ionized alkaline water is “beneficial for the prevention and alleviation of oxidative stress-induced human neurodegenerative diseases.”

Can you imagine?Being able to protect your brain by simply changing the type of water you drink?

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NOTE: Electrolyzed reduced water is just another name for ionized alkaline water produced by an electric water ionizer. Chanson Water does not support animal testing, we are merely sharing the results of a study conducted by others.

11 Ways Dehydration is to Blame for Your Health Issues

Dehydration is a hidden cause of many ailments, and 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Chances are, you suffer from at least one of the following symptoms, which may be alleviated simply by drinking more water.

1. Constipation

The colon requires a lot of water to eliminate waste properly. Without it, waste moves through the large intestine slowly or not at all.

2. Excess Weight

 It’s no secret that water can aid in weight loss, and not getting enough water will cause your body to pack on the pounds.

3. Lack of Energy

 When we don’t get enough water, the enzymatic activity in the body slows down, resulting in fatigue.

4. High Cholesterol

 The body produces more cholesterol in order to prevent water loss from the cells when we are dehydrated.

5. Skin Problems

 It’s no secret that dry skin is one of the first signs of dehydration. But you can also attribute premature wrinkles, psoriasis, dermatitis and discoloration to a lack of water which makes the skin more susceptible to these issues due to not being able to properly eliminate toxins through the pores.

6. Respiratory Issues

 The amount of histamine in our bodies increases as our water levels decrease, and airways are restricted in order to conserve water.

7. Bladder & Kidney Issues

 Toxins build up in our systems when we don’t have an adequate intake of water, and can lead to infection, inflammation and pain in our bladder and kidneys.

8. High Blood Pressure

 Blood thickens and leads to increased blood pressure when we are dehydrated.

9. Premature Aging

 Chronic dehydration can weaken our organs including the skin, resulting in an aged appearance. Staying hydrated plumps up the skin cells and helps us to appear more youthful.

10. Digestive Issues

Lack of water and alkaline minerals can wreak havoc on our digestive systems, resulting in ulcers, gastritis and acid reflux.

11. Joint Pain/Stiffness

 Joint pain and stiffness may be a result of a lack of water, which is used to cushion joints and help them move properly.
So how much water should you be drinking? We recommend a minimum of half your body weight in ounces daily. Why? Because that’s how much you lose each day through breathing, sweating, urinating and defecating. Consuming less than what you are losing is bound to lead to at least one of the above problems. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, exercising rigorously or living in a hot climate you should aim to drink even more than the minimum.
Ionized alkaline water from an electric water ionizer is believed by Japanese scientists to be even more hydrating than standard water and to hydrate on a cellular level. It makes the alkaline minerals in your water bioavailable and does not result in a waterlogged feeling, allowing you to drink more with ease.