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Ionized Acidic Water and Ebola

As you may have already heard, Ebola can survive on dry surfaces such as doorknobs and shopping cart handles for several hours.

So as the world waits for an Ebola vaccine (which will no doubt contain toxic chemicals that acidify the body), what are we to do to reduce our risk of contamination?
The CDC’s advice boils down to this: frequent hand washing.

We have not tested our water against the Ebola virus because, as crazy as it sounds, the Ebola virus has been patented by the U.S. government. As such, it would be illegal for us to do scientific testing on Ebola without express written permission. Permission we’ll never get, because the FDA regulates that only a drug can treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent a disease.

HOWEVER, Chanson ionized acidic water (aka “electrolyzed water”) has been 3rd party lab tested to disinfect E.coli and staph bacteria on contact when made at 2.7 pH. Most ionizer brands cannot make acidic or electrolyzed water that strong. And while we have not paid for HIV testing due to the expense, electrolyzed waster has been tested by other labs and been found to kill HIV in less than 60 seconds.

Ionized acidic water (aka “electrolyzed water”) is an all-natural, non-toxic Hypochlorous acid solution rich in oxidizing H+ ions that is safe and beneficial for skin care purposes as well as disinfecting. In fact, it’s even replaced all-purpose cleaners in some hotel chains, and is safe enough to drink (although we don’t recommend it!)

Acidic water is produced by a water ionizer using nothing but electricity and tap water (and in some parts of the country, salt). For those that don’t have a water ionizer, we offer bottled ionized acidic water which will retain its strength for 30-90 days and makes a great hand and surface sanitizer due to its portability and fine mist spray nozzle.

Why not just use traditional hand sanitizer? Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are full of triclosan, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, all which have been shown to have negative health effects and may be carcinogenic.

So while we can’t make any health claims with regards to our water and Ebola, you can bet we’ll be spritzing public surfaces and washing our hands with Chanson ionized acidic water instead of neutral pH tap water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.