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Getting to the Root of Disease: Toxicity & Deficiency

The cause of virtually all disease boils down to two things: toxicity and deficiency.
We live in an over toxic world. We are exposed to more toxins in one day than our ancestors were in a lifetime. And most of the foods lining grocery store shelves and being served at drive-thru’s these days are nutrient deficient.
So it’s no wonder that disease is more prevalent in today’s day and age than ever before.
Our bodies are designed to remain alkaline on the pH scale and unfortunately the American diet and lifestyle encourages an over-acidic state of being which is not conductive to health.
Fortunately there are many natural ways to prevent and even reverse diseases like cancer and diabetes as well as common ailments like allergies and inflammation.


Being over toxic (or over acid) means that your body has accumulated a number of harmful chemical toxins and is overloaded. Common signs of being over-toxic include excess weight, fatigue, and aches and pains.
The key is to detox to get back into pH balance, and there are a number of detox methods you can try, including:

1. Switching to ionized alkaline drinking water

Ionized alkaline water is microclustered and able to detox the body on a cellular level that standard tap and bottled water cannot reach. In fact it is so effective that one Chanson Water USA customer called to say he passed a drug test after ingesting large amounts of prescribed codeine for several years. The water is very cleansing and easier to drink because it does not leave a bloated or waterlogged feeling. You can make your own using an electric water ionizer. Studies show that a hydrated body detoxes more easily than a dehydrated body.

2. Sweating it out

Exercise, preferably soft, aerobic exercise that doesn’t create a lot of lactic acid, is a great way to rid the body of toxins. Some also prefer the use of an infrared sauna to remove excess toxins through the pores.

3. Clay detox

Rare earth mineral clay, along with a handful of other natural clays, can detox the body in a variety of ways. Add some to a glass   to water as a daily dietary supplement, bathe in it, or make a clay facial mask. Whichever way you use it, toxins will be naturally drawn out of the body.

4. Fasting

Fasting is a great way to give your body a break from digestion and allow it to naturally flush toxins from the body. If you have never fasted before it might be best to start with a fresh juice or liquid fast, while others might benefit best from a water only fast.

5. Reducing exposure to household toxins

Try natural alternatives for your cleaning supplies and bath and body products, most of which are chalk full of toxic chemicals. Numerous alternatives exist, but an easy one is ionized acidic water from a water ionizer because it’s antibacterial and leaves no residue or odor unlike things like apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Ionized acidic water can replace over 100 cleaning and beauty products including Lysol, window cleaner, mouthwash, facial toner, and bug spray.
Chanson also offers our new Miracle Sanitizer, which deodorizes and sanitizes air and liquids, making it a great alternative to chemical laden air fresheners.


Mineral deficiency is more common than you may think. Common signs of mineral deficiency include yeast and fungal infections, leg cramps, strong foot odor and white spots on fingernails.
Because the body cannot make it’s own minerals and actually has to steal from minerals reserves like the bones, teeth and muscles when processing acids and toxins in order to survive, getting enough minerals in your diet is essential.
Here are a few ways to combat deficiency:

1. Try the 80% alkaline/20% acidic diet

Alkaline foods like vegetables, non-sweet fruits, nuts and seeds are nutrient rich and promote health. By shifting what’s on your plate to 80% alkaline foods, you will be providing your body with a healthy supply of alkaline minerals. Drinking ionized alkaline water is also extremely effective because it is full of bioavailable alkaline minerals and antioxidants, and soaking your fruits and vegetables in this water increases its nutritional value.

2. Say goodbye to sodas and energy drinks

Soda is quite possibly the worst “edible” thing you could put in your mouth. It robs the body of minerals, is packed with sugar, and has no nutritional value. In fact, one sip of soda is so acidic that it takes 32 glasses of ionized alkaline water just to neutralize it!
Diet sodas are even worse because they use artificial sweeteners which further damage your neurological system. Eliminating or reducing soda and energy drinks from your diet can go a long way in balancing your nutrient levels. Replace with ionized alkaline water and fresh made green juice for best results.

3. Swap unhealthy foods for alkaline alternatives

There are many foods that we have been led to believe are good for us when in reality they are not. For example, contrary to popular belief, cow’s milk actually robs the body of calcium instead of providing it. This is because cow’s milk also contains phosphorus, which blocks the absorption of the calcium in the milk, triggering an automatic response in the body to pull calcium from the bones to process the acidic liquid! Switching to unsweetened almond, coconut or organic soy milk are better alternatives.

4. Take vitamins and supplements

Magnesium is possibly the most vital nutrient that most Americans are lacking. While various supplements exist, one of the best ways to get enough magnesium is by adding an Inline magnesium remineralizer to your Chanson water filter or ionizer. This form of magnesium is powdered for easier absorption, and when used with an electric water ionizer will be made bioavailable.
Take your health into your own hands before it’s too late. By both reducing toxins and increasing your alkaline mineral intake, you can effectively safeguard your health and even heal yourself of many diseases and conditions.

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