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6 Tips for Natural Pet Care

Did you know that animals in the wild don’t contract diseases, while domesticated animals are subject to many of the same diseases that we humans are?

This is because household pets are exposed to all of the same toxins and chemicals that we are, and even sometimes eat the same kinds of processed, preservative and pesticide-laden foods that we eat.

Here are 6 tips for natural pet care

You likely want only the best for your furry, feathered, or scaled friends, and there are many ways that you can reduce their exposure to toxins and keep them healthier longer.

#1. Give them ionized alkaline drinking water

Just as with humans, ionized alkaline water from an electric water ionizer deeply hydrates and promotes a mineral-rich alkaline environment in the body. Many waters today including reverse osmosis, distilled, and most bottled waters have been stripped of their alkaline minerals, and when faced with a choice, a dog will always choose a muddy puddle over de-mineralized water because it is never found in nature. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the animal the lower level of alkalinity you want to use. We have testimonials from dog, cat, and bird owners that praise the increased health and energy of their pets on ionized alkaline water versus standard water.

#2. Give them organic food

A quick glance at the ingredient lists on commercial pet foods are alarming. Like most processed and pre-packaged foods, they tend to be heavy on preservatives, artificial colorants, and chemicals. Fortunately, organic alternatives are available. Just as with human food, organic pet food will be free of pesticides and will use meat that wasn’t treated with antibiotics, and will have a higher nutritional value. And did you know that dogs can thrive on a vegetarian diet? Vegetarian dog food is available at most pet stores, however cats need fish and/or meat to survive.

#3. Use All-Natural Cleaners for Cages, Kennels, Terrariums &  Cat Boxes

All commercial cleaners contain toxic chemicals that are especially harmful to small pets when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Ionized acidic water from an electric water ionizer is a safe, non-toxic, antibacterial liquid that can be used successfully to clean pet cages, kennels, terrariums and cat boxes. It is so safe that you can even spray it directly on the animal without harming them.

#4. Try A Natural Deodorizer For Pet Odors & Fish Tanks

The new Chanson Miracle Sanitizer dispels activated oxygen into air and liquids, safely and effectively sanitizing whatever it is exposed to. It binds with odors and eliminates them, eliminating the need for chemical-packed air fresheners. The Chanson Miracle Sanitizer is especially useful near cat boxes, and can be used to reduce bacteria in fish tanks without removing the fish!

#5. Use Ionized Acidic Water for Grooming

Like human commercial shampoos and conditioners, the pet versions are packed with chemicals and toxins. We have found that spraying and bathing cats and dogs with ionized acidic water from an electric water ionizer improves the shininess and fullness of their coats. It’s anti-bacterial properties removes pet odors as well.

#6. Try Essential Oils for Fleas & Ticks

All-natural essential oils are a great alternative to chemical flea and tick treatments. Cedarwood, lemongrass, cinnamon, and lavender essential oils work on dogs. Cats are more sensitive and require select therapeutic-grade oils heavily diluted with castor oil.

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