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Alkaline Meal Plan Series – Day #8

We have curated over 800 alkaline recipes on our Pinterest board and are now curating full day meal plans in this alkaline meal plan series for those who want to eat alkaline but don’t know where to start.

Remember to soak all produce in 8.0-8.5 pH Chanson alkaline ionized water for 10 minutes for best results as well as to use 9.5 ionized alkaline water whenever water is called for in a recipe including to boil with.

Alkaline Meal Plan – Day 8:


avocado breakfast pudding


Avocado Breakfast Pudding







Brown Rice Salad with Crunchy Sprouts & Seeds




Red beet salad



Red Beet Salad 





Raw Zucchini Pasta with Avocado & Pea Pesto




Side Dish

Chilled cucumber basil avocado soup


Chilled Cucumber Basil Avocado Soup






Raw Vegan Ice Cream Bar




TIP: If you get hungry in between meals you can snack on pre-soaked almonds or a green juice. And remember to drink half your body weight in Chanson ionized alkaline water daily.

NOTE: You do not need to be a member of Pinterest to access these recipes. Simply click on the link and then click the “website” button or the photo on the resulting page, and you will be taken to the full recipe.

Look for a new alkaline meal plan next Monday, check out our previous recipes, and our alkaline foods series.

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