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6 Green Spring Cleaning Tips to Alkalize Your Home & Body

When undergoing annual spring cleaning you are likely exposing yourself to large amounts of dust and chemical cleaners which are unhealthy to breathe in, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are six green cleaning tips for home and body:

#1. Switch to Natural Cleaners

There are many natural cleaners you can try such as baking soda, cornstarch, white vinegar and lemons which we discussed in our article about all-natural cleaners.

However there are some downsides to these types of natural cleaners, such as the fact that white vinegar can actually damage porous surfaces like stone and unsealed grout as well as dull the finish of your hardwood floors, while cornstarch and baking soda can be too abrasive for some surfaces.

This is why we recommend using ionized acidic water from a Chanson Water ionizer to clean and sanitize everything from glass to countertops to toilets and floors. For a less expensive but highly effective product, we now also offer our Chanson Miracle Sanitizer which dispenses activated oxygen into air and liquids and can sterilize virtually any surface. While both products are completely safe to use and don’t require the use of any masks or gloves, you may want to wear a mask when dealing with dusty areas to prevent inhalation.

#2. Clear the Clutter

You may think that keeping those clothes you’ll never wear in the back of your closet aren’t hurting anyone, so long as you have the room. But the laws of feng shui say that any clutter can negatively impact the way you feel and the things you are able to attract into your life. So fill up some trash bags with items you no longer need, and donate them to a local charity, friend, or family member.

#3. Restock the Pantry

If you’ve been thinking of switching to an alkaline diet, now is the time to go through your pantry and make room for healthy foods by tossing the junk. The general rule of thumb is that if it has a longer shelf life than you do, it is not healthy for you, and that you want to look for foods which contain five ingredients or less. So goodbye white cane sugar, hello stevia, and sionara white rice, welcome quinoa!

#4. Audit Your Bath & Beauty Products

There are many acidifying chemicals lurking in all commercial bath and body products like your deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, and makeup. Ionized acidic water from a Chanson water ionizer can effectively replace many products like facial toner, aftershave, hand sanitizer, and hair rinses. You can also make your own products using ingredients like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils, or buy natural versions of bath and body products at health food stores. Remember to read all labels and avoid products which include ingredients you can’t pronounce as well as sulfates, parabens, aluminum, fluoride, artificial colorants and fragrances.

#5. Research or Maintain a Whole House Filter/Softener

70% of Americans live in hard water areas, which can take a toll on your pipes, fixtures and appliances as mineral deposits build up. These issues can be addressed with a whole house water softener, and save you money on plumbing and by extending the life of your appliances.

And all homes can benefit from a whole house water filter, which removes and reduces chemicals like chlorine and chloramines from your tap water. You may not think that you need to filter your tap water, especially if you are drinking bottled water, but what about the water you cook and bathe in? Even flushing your toilet releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air which are damaging to health when breathed in. Whole house filters filter all water entering your home so that you and your family are protected from many of the chemicals and toxins lurking in tap water. Chanson offers a whole house filter, whole house softener, and combo unit to meet your needs.

#6. Cleanse Your Body

Don’t just stop with your home, the warmer weather is a great time to detox your system. Whether you try a one-day water fast, weekend juicing cleanse, colonic or coffee enema, infrared sauna, or a combination of the above, taking time to detox your system is as necessary for your body as changing the oil is for your car. You’ll look and feel better after the detoxification process is over!

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