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How to Avoid Colds & Flu’s This Season

Around this time of year, many people seem to be dropping like flies, succumbing to colds and flu’s and retiring to their beds for a sick day (or several). Perhaps you have already been one of them, or have been avoiding sick friends, coworkers and loved ones in order to avoid joining their ranks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Louis Pasteur’s germ theory–which was developed in the 1800’s–is that germs and viruses from external sources infect our bodies, which is why quarantines were so common back then. However, Dr. Robert O. Young has a new theory, which is that disease can only thrive in an acidic environment, and that those who maintain an alkaline environment in their bodies–through what we eat, drink, do, and think–can safeguard against ANY illness or disease.

So your co-worker can cough and sneeze directly in your face and, so long as you are properly alkalized, you don’t have to worry about getting sick.

Sound too good to be true?

Your immune system is your biggest shield against illness and disease. We all know that our immune systems can be lowered through lack of sleep or a lack of nutrients, so why is it so difficult to accept that our diet and lifestyle dictates our likelihood of becoming sick?

Acidic environments

Most of us are overly acidic. We eat too much junk and processed foods, do not stay properly hydrated, run on too little sleep, aren’t exposed to enough sunshine and fresh air, slather our bodies and “clean” our homes with toxic chemicals, are highly stressed and exercise too little. Each and every one of these things contributes to an acidic environment, and doing the opposite helps to create an alkaline environment that is resistant to illness.

Many of the cold and flu remedies we’ve been taught to turn to like chicken noodle soup and orange juice are actually acidifying to the body. So are all medications, including the flu shot, which we do not advocate due to its low success rate and harmful ingredients.

How to supercharge your system

Protect yourself against illness and disease year-round by reducing your toxic load and keeping your immune system in top shape. Here are some  suggestions:



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