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Alkaline Recipe: Green Giant Juice

Green Giant Juice

Yields approx. 64 oz. (serves 4)


  • 2 Medium Cucumbers
  • 1/2 Papaya, seeded
  • 1 Large red apple
  • 1 Pear
  • 2 Handfuls baby spinach leaves
  • 2 Kale leaves including stems
  • 8 Mint leaves
  • 1 Round slice pineapple (1 inch thick)
  • 4-5 oz. 9.5 pH Chanson alkaline ionized water

Directions: Soak all produce in a large bowl of 8.0-8.5 pH Chanson alkaline ionized water for 10 minutes. Add all produce to a juicer and juice, then dilute with fresh Chanson alkaline ionized water. Shake and consume within eight hours.

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