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Testimonial: Ionized Acidic Water for Sore Throats


Not only is Chanson acidic water effective against bacterial issues but it is also safe for both adults and children!

Here’s a recent testimonial we received from one of our youngest customers:

“I woke up with a sore throat this morning and tried a honey lemon cough drop but that only took the pain away for about ten minutes. Then my mom remembered that acid water is supposed to help with sore throats. I got some from our water ionizer and gargled with it, and the pain immediately went away and has not come back! I thought I might have to gargle again after eating but the pain is totally gone. I was so excited, I told my mom we should put that on their web site!”

–Hannah M., age 11, Lake Elsinore, CA

We love sharing stories like these, and spreading the word about the benefits and uses of ionized water. View more testimonials or submit your own!

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