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How to be Healthy at 100


To the average American, the idea of living to age 100 seems daunting with all the sickness and disease that most people endure late in life.

If pushed to choose, most would rather check out early than suffer through nursing homes, a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs, frail bodies and a lonely, sedentary lifestyle.

But what if you were told that it’s possible to be healthy and vibrant and full of energy at age 100 and beyond?

Studies have been done on the longest-living people in the world to find out their secrets. The common thread amongst the Hunza, the Vilcabama, the Abkhasia and the Okinawa people is that they eat a largely vegetarian diet using freshly picked organically grown fruit and vegetables. Many also drink naturally ionized alkaline water from uncontaminated fresh-flowing rivers and streams.

Not only do the majority of them live to be well over 100, but they do so while remaining mentally and physically fit, and few suffer from poor hearing or loss of eyesight. They never adopt a sedentary lifestyle, instead choosing to keep active with daily walks and climbs.

Although Americans are living longer than ever before, the average American will spend 10% of his or her life sick. Half of Americans 65+ have two or more chronic diseases and 25% have problems so severe that their abilities to perform one or more tasks of daily living is limited.

By 2040, it is estimated that 5.5 million Americans will live in nursing homes while another 12 million will require ongoing homecare services. Despite all of the crippling disease and health problems, researchers estimate that 1 out of every 26 baby boomers will live to age 100. So the question is, would you rather be a sick and miserable centenarian or a healthy and vibrant one?

Fortunately, you do not have to move to the wilderness or join a tribe to be part of the latter group. The following is an abbreviated list of steps you can take to live longer and be healthier from the book “Healthy at 100” by John Robbins:

  • Read labels–don’t buy anything containing hydrogenated oil or high frutose corn syrup and avoid artificial colorings
  • Eat an abundance of fresh raw fruit and vegetables and buy organic whenever possible
  • Cut out processed foods and meat
  • If you do choose to eat meat buy free-range and organic
  • If you eat fish make sure it’s wild and not farmed and low in mercury
  • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and don’t stuff yourself
  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are grown locally and are in season (or grow your own)
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of frozen or canned
  • Eat fewer flour products and more whole grains
  • Drink water instead of soda
  • Drink soy milk instead of cow’s milk

Another easy step anyone can take for overall wellness is to start drinking alkaline ionized water from a Chanson ionizer. Water ionizers are designed to re-create what happens in nature when water rushes over rocks and is very similar to the natural Hunza water. Because not all of us have a waterfall in our backyard, a water ionizer is a wonderful investment for you and your family.

People who drink alkaline ionized water report increased energy and better hydration. 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated and most don’t even know it! Symptoms of chronic dehydration include headaches, weakness, fatigue, weight gain, premature aging, constipation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A Chanson water ionizer provides healthy, alkaline ionized water for drinking and acidic ionized water for eco-friendly household cleaning and skincare purposes, so get yours today!

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