3 Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

There are a number of painkillers on the market. Unfortunately, all medication (with the exception of some natural and homeopathic remedies) have an acidifying effect on the body. This means that they contribute to an acidic environment which is the opposite of the alkaline environment our body thrives in.

Continuous use of over the counter medications for pain relief can actually prolong the problem–by constantly flooding your body with dehydrating and acidifying substances, you are creating an environment where pain and discomfort is likely to occur, as well as other side effects requiring more medication! Fortunately, natural pain remedies are available.

Alkaline Ionized Water For All-Natural Pain Relief

Staying hydrated can help relieve pain and prevent injuries or discomfort from occurring the first place. Studies have shown that if you have a headache and opt to drink a full glass of water instead of taking a painkiller, the water alone may get rid of the headache. Other studies have shown that arthritic and back pains have a root in inflammation, which may be alleviated and prevented by staying properly hydrated. But it’s important to hydrate not only with the right amount of water, but with the right kind of water.

Alkaline ionized water hydrates up to six times better than conventional water due to its microclustered size which is more easily absorbed by the body. It also nourishes the body by providing bioavailable alkaline minerals, contains more antioxidants than orange juice,  and has the ability to soothe inflammation of many kinds from the inside out.

Alkaline ionized water can be produced in your home by hooking a Chanson water ionizer up to your faucet. We recommend that you drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces daily.

All-Natural Topical Pain Relief

In addition to hydrating the body with alkaline ionized water, a topical application of high alkaline water often provides temporary pain relief. Strong alkaline ionized water neutralizes inflammation in the muscle and reduces oxidation which is a byproduct of inflammation.

Just soak a rag in 10+ pH alkaline ionized water and apply to the sore area for a non-addictive, all natural remedy.

DJ Carrasco, pitcher for the New York Mets says, “I have used the water not to just drink but, for the healing effects of it too when just soaking a towel and putting it on the hurt area for few minutes it truly works.”

With this remedy, you may no longer have to worry about the possibility of chemical dependency on over-the-counter and prescription painkillers or the effects those chemicals may have on your body!

External Healing of Cuts and Scrapes

Water ionizers also produce a low pH water that is great for external uses like cuts, scrapes, and rashes because it is the same pH of our skin. UFC fighter Jose Veira, along with several MMA fighters at Jackson’s Gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico use Chanson ionized acidic water externally for faster healing, in addition to drinking Chanson ionized alkaline water for better recovery times and optimal hydration.

Alkaline Recipe: Lemon Asparagus

Lemon Asparagus

Serves 2-3


  • 1 bunch asparagus
  • 1/4 white or yellow onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • Fresh lemon juice (about 1/4 lemon)
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt and pepper

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Soak produce in 8.0-8.5 pH Chanson alkaline ionized water for 10 minutes. Arrange asparagus in large glass baking dish, and pour toppings on top. Cover dish with aluminum foil. Bake for 30 minutes. You can also try the exact same recipe with green beans instead of asparagus. Both make excellent alkaline side dishes.

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How to be Healthy at 100

To the average American, the idea of living to age 100 seems daunting with all the sickness and disease that most people endure late in life.

If pushed to choose, most would rather check out early than suffer through nursing homes, a medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs, frail bodies and a lonely, sedentary lifestyle.

But what if you were told that it’s possible to be healthy and vibrant and full of energy at age 100 and beyond?

Studies have been done on the longest-living people in the world to find out their secrets. The common thread amongst the Hunza, the Vilcabama, the Abkhasia and the Okinawa people is that they eat a largely vegetarian diet using freshly picked organically grown fruit and vegetables. Many also drink naturally ionized alkaline water from uncontaminated fresh-flowing rivers and streams.

Not only do the majority of them live to be well over 100, but they do so while remaining mentally and physically fit, and few suffer from poor hearing or loss of eyesight. They never adopt a sedentary lifestyle, instead choosing to keep active with daily walks and climbs.

Although Americans are living longer than ever before, the average American will spend 10% of his or her life sick. Half of Americans 65+ have two or more chronic diseases and 25% have problems so severe that their abilities to perform one or more tasks of daily living is limited.

By 2040, it is estimated that 5.5 million Americans will live in nursing homes while another 12 million will require ongoing homecare services. Despite all of the crippling disease and health problems, researchers estimate that 1 out of every 26 baby boomers will live to age 100. So the question is, would you rather be a sick and miserable centenarian or a healthy and vibrant one?

Fortunately, you do not have to move to the wilderness or join a tribe to be part of the latter group. The following is an abbreviated list of steps you can take to live longer and be healthier from the book “Healthy at 100” by John Robbins:

  • Read labels–don’t buy anything containing hydrogenated oil or high frutose corn syrup and avoid artificial colorings
  • Eat an abundance of fresh raw fruit and vegetables and buy organic whenever possible
  • Cut out processed foods and meat
  • If you do choose to eat meat buy free-range and organic
  • If you eat fish make sure it’s wild and not farmed and low in mercury
  • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and don’t stuff yourself
  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are grown locally and are in season (or grow your own)
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of frozen or canned
  • Eat fewer flour products and more whole grains
  • Drink water instead of soda
  • Drink soy milk instead of cow’s milk

Another easy step anyone can take for overall wellness is to start drinking alkaline ionized water from a Chanson ionizer. Water ionizers are designed to re-create what happens in nature when water rushes over rocks and is very similar to the natural Hunza water. Because not all of us have a waterfall in our backyard, a water ionizer is a wonderful investment for you and your family.

People who drink alkaline ionized water report increased energy and better hydration. 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated and most don’t even know it! Symptoms of chronic dehydration include headaches, weakness, fatigue, weight gain, premature aging, constipation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A Chanson water ionizer provides healthy, alkaline ionized water for drinking and acidic ionized water for eco-friendly household cleaning and skincare purposes, so get yours today!

Water Expert Available to Speak in Public, on Radio, TV, or the News

Ronnie Ruiz is a world renowned water expert and innovator who has been has been coaching people on proper nutrition and exercise since 1984. For the last few years, Ronnie has been traveling the world lecturing on water filtration, water ionization and disease prevention methods. Ronnie is the CEO of Chanson Water USA, one of the world’s leading water ionization companies.

Although water ionizers have been improving the health of thousands for decades, they are still virtually unknown in the US. In addition to the many health benefits of drinking filtered alkaline ionized water, water ionizers also produce ionized acidic water which is known for its vast eco-friendly skincare and household cleaning purposes.

Chanson water ionizers are endorsed by the author of The pH Miracle Dr. Robert O. Young, professional baseball player D.J. Carrasco, professional bodybuilder Dan Hill, and UFC fighter Jose Viera.

Ronnie is available to speak in public, on the radio, TV, or the news on a variety of subjects. Please call 888-624-2169 or email for availability. For more information, visit www.chansonwater.com.

Alkaline Recipe: Veggie Faux Hamburger Helper

Veggie Faux Hamburger Helper
A quick and yummy dinner.
1 package meatless ground (artificial ground beef)
1/2 package taco seasoning
Fresh baby spinach leaves
1 Fresh tomato
1/2 White onion
2 Garlic cloves
Directions: Soak produce in 8.0-8.5 pH Chanson alkaline ionized water for 10 minutes. Prepare meatless ground according to directions, and add taco seasoning. Add all but spinach to skillet and simmer, stirring occasionally, for about 15 minutes. Add spinach and cook for 1-2 minutes. Serve on its own or atop brown rice.

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5 Ways to Use Ionized Alkaline Water to Enhance Beverages

Alkaline ionized water is naturally energizing, packed with antioxidants, and more hydrating and alkaline than typical beverages. In fact, a glass of alkaline ionized water alone contains 3-4 times more antioxidants than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or green tea made with regular water!

Try starting your day off a freshly made smoothie or juice, hydrate with alkaline ionized water throughout the day, and indulge in flavored water or coffee or tea made with alkaline ionized water once in awhile for a treat.

Juicing tips

Fresh juice and smoothies are great because they provide sustenance without using as much energy to digest as regular food. Because fresh juice is so concentrated, juicing even the most alkaline of produce creates a mildly acidic liquid. Therefore it is best to neutralize this acidity by adding approximately four ounces of alkaline ionized water per glass. All fresh juice should be consumed within 12 hours before the nutritional value begins to decrease.

Soak your produce

We recommend that all produce be soaked in alkaline ionized water with a pH level of 8.0-8.5 pH for ten minutes before juicing or cooking. This is to revive fruits and vegetables and give them the electrical charge they have when first picked. Using a higher setting  will create an ORP (oxidation reduction potential) that’s lower to that which is found in nature, thus we don’t recommend exceeding that level. The ten minutes is a minimum but we don’t recommend for soaking much longer than that as the electrical charge tends to decrease with each passing hour.

Rinsing produce with unfiltered tap water is not effective because municipalities add chlorine or chloramines to the water supply to kill bacteria, and those chemicals are absorbed into your produce when “washed” and thus into your body. Chlorine and chloramines have been linked to cancer and can create a host of other health problems like breathing difficulties. Therefore, even if you are not ready to invest in a water ionizer we recommend that you at least consider a water filter.

Brewing coffee and tea

Coffee beans and black teas are considered acidic, however preparing them with alkaline ionized water can help offset the acidity. Alkaline ionized water also helps pull out the flavor of coffee and tea more effectively, resulting in a rounder, bolder flavor. You will find that you don’t need to use as many coffee beans or grounds and can re-use tea bags when brewing with alkaline ionized water because of this. Amazingly, you do not need to heat the water in order to brew it as alkaline ionized water is able to penetrate the beans/grounds and leaves/tea bags deeper than regular water due to its microclustered size.

Ice cubes

Did you know that you can make ice cubes with alkaline ionized water? You can, and we recommend using alkaline ionized water ice cubes in all beverages to offset acidity and add antioxidants to your beverage.

Hangover cure

Alkaline ionized water has also been found to be helpful as a “hangover cure” and may even be able to prevent hangovers if you add alkaline ionized water and/or ice cubes made with alkaline ionized water to each glass of alcohol. For best results, drink a full glass of alkaline ionized water before hitting the sheets and another glass or two upon rising.

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Alkaline Recipe: Cabbage Salad

Cabbage Salad
This delicious salad is an easy way to get more alkaline vegetables into your diet and is easy to prepare.
Serves 2
1/4 Red cabbage, shredded
1/4 Chopped cucumber
1/4 Green pepper, diced
1/4 Red onion, chopped
1/4 Avocado, chopped
1/2 Lemon, juiced
1/4 cup Chanson 9.5 alkaline water
1/4 cup Olive, grapeseed or flaxseed oil
Onion powder, sea salt, pepper to taste
Directions: Soak produce (with the exception of avocado) in 8.0-8.5 pH Chanson alkaline ionized water for 10 minutes. Prepare dressing in small cup. Toss all ingredients together and chill for 30 minutes before serving.

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What’s in Your Water?

According to a report by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), “There are a number of threats to drinking water: improperly disposed of chemicals; animal wastes; pesticides; human threats; wastes injected underground; and naturally occurring substances can all contaminate drinking water. Likewise, drinking water that is not properly treated or disinfected, or which travels through an improperly maintained distribution system, may also pose a health risk.”

Bottled waters are not heavily regulated and thus not immune from these threats, which is why many authorities including the EPA and the Presidents Cancer Panel are currently recommending filtered tap water over bottled water.

Here is a snapshot of some of the most common chemicals and contaminants that may be lurking in your water but can effectively be filtered out with a prefilter or whole house filtration system:


Chlorine is intentionally added to the majority of municipal tap water supplies in order to kill bacteria. “Chlorine is so dangerous,” according to biologist/chemist Dr. Herbert Schwartz, “that it should be banned. Putting chlorine in the water is like starting a time bomb. Cancer, heart trouble, premature senility, both mental and physical are conditions attributable to chlorine treated water supplies. It is making us grow old before our time by producing symptoms of ageing such as hardening of the arteries.”

Because hot showers create a steam which is inhaled and causes our pores to dilate, our skin and lungs absorb as much chlorine during one ten minute shower as it would if we drank eight 8-oz. glasses of the same water! According to the EPA, “Breathing small amounts of chlorine for short periods of time adversely affects the human respiratory system. Effects range from coughing and chest pain to water retention in the lungs. Chlorine irritates the skin, the eyes, and the respiratory system.” So installing a shower filter or whole house filtration system that will remove most chlorine is highly recommended.


Many municipalities add fluoride to our water supply under the guise that it is supposed to help strengthen baby teeth. According to the scientific research, fluoride consumption creates multiple hazards with respect to cancer. Fluoride can actually produce cancer, transforming normal human cells into cancerous ones, even at concentrations of only 1ppm (parts per million) – the official “safe” dosage set by the U.S. Public Health Service for drinking water.

The fluoride which is added to 90% of drinking water is actually hydrofluoric acid which is a manmade compound with no nutritional value and a chemical byproduct of aluminum, steel, cement, phosphate, and nuclear weapons manufacturing. Several bottled waters including Arrowhead, Sparkletts, Poland Springs and Crystal Springs contain fluoride, which means that if they are using the conventional reverse osmosis method they actually took the time to put this poison back into their product!

Heavy Metals – Mercury, Lead, Arsenic

Too much lead or mercury in the human body can cause serious damage to the brain, nervous system and kidneys. Infants and young children are especially vulnerable to heavy metal poisoning, and even at low levels, it can affect a child’s physical development and ability to learn. Arsenic has been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver, and prostate. Non-cancer effects can include thickening and discoloration of the skin, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting; diarrhea; numbness in hands and feet; partial paralysis; and blindness. Homes built before 1940 may have lead pipes which can leach into your drinking water. If your pipes are made of lead, they should be replaced as soon as possible, but even then lead may find it’s way into your drinking water unless you are using an adequate filter.

Chloroform and trichloroethylene

Chloroform (a Trihalomethane or THM) and trichloroethylene (TCE) are two highly volatile toxic chemicals that have been identified in many municipal drinking-water supplies. The National Academy of Sciences has estimated that 200-1,000 people may die in the U.S. each year from cancers caused by ingesting these contaminants in water. According to a study by Dr. Julian Andelman, hot showers (109F) can liberate about 50% of the dissolved chloroform and 80% of the dissolved TCE into the air, and both the heat and the large surface-to-volume ratio of small droplets increase vaporization. TCE, chloroform, benzene and others are readily absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream.

Pharmacutical drugs

In 2008, the Associated Press published a report that found various pharmaceutical compounds in the water supplies of 24 major metropolitan areas across the United States serving over 51 million Americans. Do you really want to be drinking traces of someone else’s antibiotics, mood stabilizers, sex hormones, steroids or painkillers?

VOC’s, Pesticides and Herbicides

Our municipal water treatment facilities do not remove VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), and there are currently more than 60,000 of them in existence, most of which are man-made synthetic chemicals. According to Ralph Nader Research Institute, “U.S. drinking water contains more than 2,100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer.”

The use of pesticides and herbicides has become so excessive that they are now commonly found in household tap water and bottled waters with alarming frequency. Many pesticides and herbicides are known, suspected or probable carcinogens. As stated in a recent report from the National Cancer Institute to the surgeon general, “No level of exposure to a chemical carcinogen should be considered toxicologically insignificant for humans.”

Protect yourself and your family from these harmful chemicals and contaminants and more with a drinking water prefilter, and either a shower filter or whole house filter today. Visit www.chansonwater.com for more information.

Alkaline Recipe: Eggplant Marinara

Eggplant Marinara

Try this twist on traditional eggplant parmesan as a main dish. By omitting the parmesan and not frying the eggplant before baking, you will have a more alkaline–but just as delicious–meatless dish the whole family will love. You can even make it vegan if you use vegan mozzarella.

Serves 4


1 eggplant
2 jars favorite marinara sauce (or make your own)
1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese or vegan mozzarella
1/2 pkg fresh basil
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 cup fresh baby spinach
Olive oil
Pepper, to taste
Sea salt

Directions: Soak vegetables in 8.0-8.5 pH Chanson alkaline ionized water. Slice eggplant, salt on both sides and leave to drain on a wire rack for one hour with aluminum foil and heavy items on top, then dab excess water with paper towels. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line the bottom of a 13 inch glass baking dish with one jar of marinara sauce, top with eggplant, drizzle olive oil on each slice. Top with the remaining marinara, garlic, basil, spinach and cheese (may need to do more than one layer depending on size of eggplant). Bake uncovered for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with pepper. Allow to cool five minutes before serving.

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Alkaline Ionized Water & Water Ionizer Myths Debunked

Because there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet regarding water ionizers and alkaline ionized water, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the most common myths and provide the truth.

Here are 5 top myths, debunked:

Won’t my stomach acid render alkaline water consumption useless?

No. There is no hydrochloric acid pouch in our body, and the stomach wall makes sodium bicarbonate to alkalize our food not digest our food. HCL is only produced when we eat or drink acid-forming foods and drinks and is balanced in equal proportion by sodium bicarbonate production. When we consume alkaline forming foods and drink alkaline ionzed water, the body does not need the sodium bicarbonate production and thus the HCL production is not required either!
Dr. Robert O. Young explains, “Alkaline electron-rich water…does not trigger the release of sodium bicarbonate and thus does not cause the creation of the acid HCl, so it does not interfere with the alkalizing of the food. In fact, alkaline electron-rich water–with its high concentration of electrons–helps the alkalizing of the food and also helps to neutralize the caustic acidic poisonous HCL, preventing the acidification of the blood and tissues.”
Can’t I make my own alkaline water with lemon juice, baking soda or pH drops?
Technically the pH level of water can be modified slightly by adding certain substances, however they will not necessarily reach the optimal pH level of 9.5. More importantly, alkalizing the water without the use of a water ionizer will not reduce the ORP, so the water will still be oxidizing to the body and create free radicals which destroy cells. Ionization is also the only way to microcluster the water, which allows it to hydrate up to six times better than non-ionized water, and detoxify cells more thoroughly. For these same reasons, drinking alkaline water from a non-electric ionizer or by making your own with alkaline water pouches and the like will not provide the bulk of the benefits that an electric water ionizer does. See our article Why Non-Electric “Ionizers” Can’t Compare With Chanson Ionizer Machines for more information.

When it comes to ionizers, isn’t more power a good thing? 

More power can actually wear down your ionizers plates faster. At only 150 watts and 5 amps, Chanson water ionizers use the least power of any ionizer without sacrificing quality or performance. Both the Miracle M.A.X. and the upcoming Revolution Chanson ionizers use a sophisticated SMPS power system–the same one that is used in the new flat-screen panel TVs. This system automatically adjusts the power to the plates based on the rate of water flow, doubling the longevity of your unit!

Isn’t mesh technology is better than solid ionizer plates because it increases surface area?

The idea of mesh plates being better than solid plates is mostly all just marketing hype. We have found little difference in performance between mesh vs. solid plates. Despite many tests we have not seen a benefit from mesh or slotted plates, and we have found that in some cases, the coating actually wears off faster or has problems with rust. Therefore we continue to offer only original, double-dipped and baked solid plates on all of our ionizers.

Isn’t UV technology a valuable upgrade for an ionizer?

We consider the UV technology in a water ionizer to be a marketing ploy that provides little if any actual benefit to the customer. While UV is used in commercial water treatment, we do not believe that the contact time between the water and the UV light in an ionizer is sufficient to kill bacteria. And even if it does kill any, it doesn’t remove it so you would still be drinking dead bacteria. Furthermore, we have been told that once the light burns out, it can not be replaced. Currently in the USA, all city water has been treated with chlorine or chloramines which will have already killed any bacteria in your water. If you have well water or bacteria concerns, we offer the Chanson Ultra Filter which will remove bacteria and not clog.

If you have a question or concern that is not listed here, please check our FAQ and feel free to ask. Our water experts will be more than happy to address all questions. For more information on Chanson water ionizers and alkaline ionized water, please visit www.chansonwater.com.