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Win a FREE Chanson M.A.X. Ionizer Contest

Chanson Water Ionizer

How would you like to win a FREE Chanson M.A.X., our top-performing 7-plate countertop ionizer valued at $2,195? You can! Just follow the steps below to enter, there’s no purchase necessary!

We all know that ionized water works and how great Chanson ionizers are, but many many people are still skeptical about water ionization, and we need your help to gather data that will eventually be used to get university studies funded and finally provide the proof we all know is there to be found.

So here’s how to enter:

1. Submit any before and after doctors or lab reports showing an improvement you achieved while on Chanson ionized water along with a detailed description of your experience and results to with the subject line “Win a FREE Chanson M.A.X. Ionizer Contest.” Example: A doctors report showing blood sugar numbers dropped since starting ionized water. We understand the doctors report will not mention Chanson or ionized water but this is where your details are needed to tell your story. If your testimony relates to some improvement in your appearance then we would love to see before and after pictures. If your doctor or health care professional can write a letter stating the improvements he or she has seen since you as the patient started using Chanson ionized water that would be very helpful.

2. Contest begins November 1st, 2011 and ends on January 31st, 2012.

3. Winner will be chosen based on the documentation supplied and the level of results shown while drinking Chanson ionized water.

4. Prizes will be awarded as follows: One Chanson M.A.X. Ionizer will be awarded to the first-place winner and two runners-up will receive a free Chanson Shower Filter and a two month supply of Power Powder Organic Friendly Laundry Soap.

Any questions? Please e-mail them to  or comment on this post.

3 thoughts on “Win a FREE Chanson M.A.X. Ionizer Contest”

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  2. a health place used the acidic water on my wounds and helped them to heal,,but im disabled and would benefit from a machine but cant afford one..due to my disability income…i could make small payments of about 25.00 a month for a unit that does 2.5-3.0 acidic water and atleast 9.0 alkaline and maybe i can avoid a amputation they want me to have..i could also get your chanson water machine info the hands of doctors and nurses and other patients…in return…any other ideas you might have are welcome……thank you for making a better machine to compete with the enagic(kangen water) baloney….. chanson all the way.not just as good but just that much better….

  3. Hi Danny,
    This contest is closed but I am sending you a personal email with some ideas on how Chanson can help. Thank you for your comment!

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