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Alkaline Water May Provide Temporary Relief of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain may actually be a sign of dehydration according to Bob McCauley, author of The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water. In fact, the majority of Americans are dehydrated and don’t even know it! Consuming liquids like coffee, tea, sodas and sports drinks can actually dehydrate you due to the fact that they are acidic. This then upsets our acidic-alkaline balance, which German researchers also concluded may contribute to the symptoms of lower back pain.

Ionized water hydrates up to six times faster than conventional water due to its microcluster size which is more easily absorbed by the body. It is also alkaline (the opposite of acidic) so it nourishes the body instead of robbing it of minerals the way acidic liquids do. It is recommended that you consume at least half your body weight in ounces per day of alkaline ionized water (more if you are athletic) to replace fluids lost through perspiration and urination.

In one German study, 82 people who suffered from lower back pain were given supplements of alkaline minerals over a period of four weeks. 76 of them experienced a drop in their ARS (Arhus low back pain rating scale), with an average drop of 49%!

In addition to hydrating the body with alkaline ionized water which may help prevent lower back pain, a topical application of high alkaline water often provides temporary pain relief. Just soak a rag in 10+ pH alkaline water and apply to the sore area. The alkaline water neutralizes inflammation in the muscle and reduces oxidation which is a byproduct of inflammation.This is a non-addictive, all natural remedy.

Alkaline ionized water can be created in your own home with a Chanson water ionizer. Just hook it up to your tap and you will instantly be able to create refreshing, hydrating alkaline water for drinking as well as stronger alkaline water for topical pain relief including that of sprains and arthritic aches and pains. Visit for more information.

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