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The Miracle of Water (Facebook LIVE Replay)

In this Water Wednesday episode we discuss the book The Miracle of Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Click here to watch the replay Don’t have time to watch? Here are the show notes: -Dr. Emoto was a Japanese scientist and researcher who authored several books on the miracle of water. He found that water can restructure […]

Competing Product Comparison

Wondering if a non-electric ionizer will fit the bill? Think spending twice as much on a different brand is the way to go? Are all water health products created equal? Don’t fall for the hype, make an informed decision for the health of yourself and your family. Our CEO shares some thoughts on competing products here: Click […]

Tips & Tricks to Afford a Water Ionizer (Facebook LIVE replay)

We know that a Chanson water ionizer is a valuable investment for you and your family that not everyone can afford in this economy. But some of you cannot afford to wait either. The average Chanson water ionizer will pay for itself in 2-5 years when you consider how much money you will save on bottled water, […]